When it comes to university communications and news, there are several resources available to you.  Whether you need help developing strategic communication plans, want to know how NYU handles the news or need to find out who to contact about getting your department or office news placed in the media, NYU has expert staff available to assist you. The Office of Public Affairs and the Office of Advertising & Publications can help create and produce effective communication strategies, while NYU Weekly and the NYU Alumni Magazine are widely circulated publications that can help your news reach the university community.

Public Affairs

If you need help developing an effective, strategic communications strategy for your department or office, the Office of Public Affairs provides support and expert staff to assist you. Whether your goal is to recruit faculty or students, publicize your department or place your news in the media, the office is an experienced and skilled resource. Contact the office or visit its website to find out more about the communications services it offers.

NYU Weekly

Have news you want publicized? NYU Weekly is a university email newsletter that is distributed to the NYU community each week. It is a great way to reach university faculty, staff, students and community members. If your department or office has news it wants circulated among the NYU community, contact NYU Weekly with your pitch. 

Alumni Magazine

Do you know about a university newsmaker?  Cutting-edge research?  Big news happening on the Square?  Contact the NYU Alumni Magazine with your news.  Published by the offices of University Development and Alumni Relations and University Relations and Public Affairs, the magazine is a general interest publication that is distributed to nearly 300,000 alumni, faculty and parents across the country.  The magazine covers everything from politics, arts & letters and academia to entertainment and sports.  If you have a story pitch, contact the NYU Alumni Magazine, the Office of University Development and Alumni Relations or the Office of University Relations and Public Affairs.

Advertising & Publications

Do you need advisement on communications strategy and planning?  The Office of Advertising & Publications offers account management, graphic design services, editorial services, ad placements, publishing production and other communication services.  With over 25 years of service to the NYU community, the office provides expert communications support and a complete bundle of communications services.  Contact the office for more information.