For many university units who need to communicate on behalf of the University, weʼve put together a toolkit of Google templates for presentations, flyers, and commonly used documents. NYU also offers business card, letterhead, and other stationery printing through i-Buy. Lastly, we provide hold screen templates and ready-made backgrounds for Zoom, as well as email templates through NYU Email Direct.

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Google Workspace Templates

In 2021, NYU launched a collection of Google Workspace templates. These documents are intended for use by the entire NYU community and were created with simplicity in mind. They can be used as is to streamline project workflows or as a jumping-off point to create a more custom design.

Why Google Workspace? Googleʼs extensive set of in-browser document-editing programs is available to the entire NYU community for free. Google Workspace allows multiple users to edit a single document in real time. Documents can also be easily shared with other people, ensuring that everyone is always up-to-date with the most recent version. The transition to Google Workspace will optimize team workflows as an increasing amount of work and communication is moved online.

For gudiance on how to best use these templates, you can refer to the Usage Guidelines and Tips document. This guide gives step-by-step instructions on how to get started with each template, outlines best practices, and provides helpful tips.

Note: These templates are meant for internal use only. Whenever possible, offices should work with graphic designers who can help craft messages for outside audiences.

Document Templates

The following document templates are available in Google Docs. (Net ID required.) To use one, open the document, make a copy, and save to your Google Drive. All of these templates can also be accessed through NYU’s Google Templates hub.

*Offset printed color letterheads are available to order online through i-Buy NYU. Jump to the Business Cards, Letterheads, and Other Stationery section below for more information.

Presentation Templates

Bold presentation template thumbnails

Bold Presentation Template

  • Dimensions: 1920 x 1080px
  • Page count: 12 pages
Elegant presentation template thumbnails

Elegant Presentation Template

  • Dimensions: 1920 x 1080px
  • Page count: 12 pages

Business Cards, Letterheads, and Other Stationery

Color printing on office equipment is often inconsistent and will never ensure a true match to NYU Violet (PMS 2597). For accurate color printing, you may purchase official NYU business cards, color letterheads, and other stationery through the Universityʼs online marketplace, i-Buy NYU. Imprint a color letterhead by feeding it through a black-and-white laser printer.


NYU Zoom background thumbnails of photos around campus


In response to Zoom calls becoming a staple in our respective workflows, the NYU Photo Bureau curated a folder of photos to use as backgrounds. The team continues to add images throughout the year, so the NYU community is welcome to reach out with any requests, questions, and/or concerns.

NYU-branded Zoom hold screen thumbnails

Hold Screens

Virtual meetings and events have been a key way of gathering in our remote work environment. To avoid awkward waiting periods before the meeting begins, NYU Marketing Communications developed a Google Slides template for creating your own Zoom hold screen (NetID required to access). Choose from a set of 12 campus photos and custom messages to appear on-screen for your meeting participants.

Email Templates

NYU Email Direct, provided through the Emma email platform, is a bulk email service through which preauthorized NYU faculty, staff, and administrators can request to send an email message to a well-defined segment or segments of the university community. Email Direct uses templates that are convenient to use, compliant with brand identity guidelines, and web- and mobile-friendly.

To sign up for an account or to request assistance with a custom HTML email template, please use Digital Communicationʼs project request form.