All images from the New York University (NYU) Photo Bureau collection are licensed for NYU editorial and marketing purposes only. The photographer holds copyright.


For images originating from the Photo Bureau, permission is granted for the following purposes:

  • NYU Marketing: Images can be used on NYU websites and printed promotional materials (newsletters, brochures, view books, post cards, academic bulletins, emails, posters), as long as the photographer is credited beside the image. Images may also be used on social media websites, such as Facebook or Twitter, as long as the the photographer is credited on the image itself (see example below).
  • Editorial usage: Images can be used to supplement newspaper, journal or magazine articles in print and online that highlight NYU projects, faculty/administration/students or events.

There is no end date for images used for the purposes listed above.


Permission is not automatically granted by the NYU Photo Bureau for images used in the following manner:

  • Advertising and Commercial Use: Images used in a non-NYU affiliated publication to highlight an NYU event, program, or faculty member/administrator/student is considered an advertisement or commercial piece. Permission must be granted from the NYU Photo Bureau for this purpose. Photography rates for images used in this matter are determined by the photographer. 


  • Creation of an ad in the New York Times promoting an NYU program.
  • Images featured in a faculty member's book (front cover, back cover, or inside)
  • Images featured on a billboard
  • Images featured on product packaging.


Permission is not automatically granted for third party distribution:

  • Third-party distribution is prohibited without permission of the NYU Photo Bureau. The NYU Photo Bureau takes seriously image distribution for purposes outside academic or university marketing and editorial purposes. For example, an image of an NYU student attending a Stern event cannot be sold or distributed to a third party (NYU or non-NYU) where the student's image would be used to highlight a non-university promotion.

Photo Credit

Professional photography standards require that all images created by the NYU Photo Bureau and its contracted freelance photographers must be credited. Either online or in print, credit and copyright information must be referenced near images.

Please credit images in the following manner:

©Photographer's Last Name: Courtesy of NYU Photo Bureau




copyright for nyu material

copyright for social media