On This Page: Examples of Our Voice

The content and character of your communication should always reflect NYU’s personality and values. This helps set us apart from other institutions and establish trust with our audiences.

To embody NYU’s independent, driven, curious, courageous, cosmopolitan, vibrant, tenacious, and resilient personality traits, craft informative, encouraging, inspirational, advocative, understanding, energetic, optimistic, and open-minded content. This is our voice.

When you write in NYU’s voice, do you have to embody all of these characteristics at once? Not necessarily.

But you will probably tap into several of them each time you use it. If what you write taps into three or more of these characteristics, then you’ve likely used the NYU voice successfully.

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Examples of Our Voice

Big ideas emerge from big cities. Big thinkers come from NYU. Attracting over $400 million in external research and academic support each year, our community is doing work that makes a recognizable impact. In every field, we push the boundaries of knowledge in our mission to make the world more connected, safe, and just.

This paragraph is successful because it is informative, advocative, inspirational, and energetic. It is the kind of copy you might use for prospective graduate and undergraduate students, faculty, or staff.

Make. Change. Lead. We know who we are and what world we want to live in. We find strength in the many voices and perspectives of our community, and we believe that being true to ourselves and good to each other is the best way forward. We’ve been waiting for the moment to do something big—bigger than ourselves—and now is our time.

This paragraph is successful because it is energetic, advocative, inspirational, optimistic, and understanding. It is the kind of copy you might use to frame a call to action for an event that hinges on idealism and requires the NYU community’s participation—perhaps a hackathon, conference, forum, or festival.