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The Purpose of These Guidelines

Consistent brand expression reinforces our collective commitment to the academic mission we support as well as the perception of NYU as a global and connected institution.

These guidelines explain how the NYU brand identity was created. At its foundation, it is built out of our values and the things that make us unique. It brings together our verbal expression (how we sound) and visual expression (how we look) to showcase a consistent NYU identity that generates awareness and reinforces the strength of our reputation. It also scales our ability to draw in and engage our many audiences, from our students, faculty, and staff to our alumni, prospective students, peer institutions, and beyond.

The aim is not homogeneity but the sense that there is a common bond or thread running through the University in how we approach our mission, value the people in our community, and strive to have an impact in the world.

Who These Guidelines Are For


Anyone at NYU who communicates on the University’s behalf on any platform can find guidance and ideas here.


Communicators can use it to provide examples for the creation of new, impactful stories.


Writers can use it to draw inspiration when they create stories about the achievements of their individual departments.


Designers can use the color palette, typography, and photography and design elements to give life to their creations.

It is likely your school or division has a central communications team who has a communications strategy and is familiar with this set of resources. As a first step, we strongly encourage you to contact that team to ensure your communications align with your unit’s broader strategic plan.  

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The Research Behind These Guidelines

These guidelines are the product of extensive qualitative and quantitative research including competitive benchmarks and reputational studies among all of our audiences. NYU’s Enrollment Management, University Development and Alumni Relations, and University Relations and Public Affairs offices supported this research.

The outcome of this research was distilled into four insights that shape the NYU narrative and brand strategy, called strategic drivers. These drivers in turn were used to create a unique messaging platform.

Steps to Building a Unique Messaging Platform

Step 1: Research

We captured qualitative and quantitative data to measure perceptions of the institution across different audience groups.

Step 2: Strategic Drivers

We distilled the findings into four distinguishing insights—strategic drivers—to inform the university narrative and messaging platform.

Step 3: Messaging Platform

We used the strategic drivers to inform our framework for institution-wide communications.

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