NYU logo displayed prominently on a purple flag outside a campus building in Manhattan.

From the banners that sit atop NYU buildings across campuses and sites worldwide to print and digital communication materials, the NYU logo is one of the most visible and important representations of our brand. In this section you will find examples of—and downloads for—all of our logos and lockups as well as our university seal. We also provide best practices for using the logos and lockups in a variety of situations.

What Our Logo Represents

Our flagship image, the white torch on a dark background, represents light in the darkness, or enlightenment through education.

By putting it on a square, we did two things. One is that we made it so it could be a plaque you could apply to all these different building entrances. Also, it made it fairly easy to reproduce the idea of light. The torch represents light and knowledge, so the torch could be a light color on a darker background.

—Tom Geismar, interviewed in NYU Local

Logos vs. Lockups

NYU logo anatomy (full-text alternative immediately below image).

NYU Logo

The NYU logo is the combination of our logomark and logotype. Through consistent and proper logo usage, we create a distinctive, recognizable visual identity that is protected from imposter brands or unauthorized users.

NYU lockup anatomy (full-text alternative immediately below image).


Lockups contain our NYU logo and an individual unit’s name, connected by a vertical rope between them. We call these lockups within our brand system because the unit name is “locked up” next to the logo. Units include degree-granting campuses, schools, global academic centers and programs, and offices and departments.

Logo, Lockup, and Identity Support


General Support

NYU Marketing Communications (MarComm) manages our central brand identity and is available on a consulting basis for visual identity projects and requests. Services include but are not limited to:

  • Lockup kit creation for all degree-granting campuses, schools, global academic centers and programs, offices and departments
  • Campaign, initiative, and event identities

For questions within the NYU community concerning logos, lockups, our seal, and campaign/initiative identities, please email brand@nyu.edu.

For questions concerning logo usage outside of the NYU community, refer to the third-party usage guidance.

Third-Party Usage Rights

The NYU logo is one of the most visible representations of our brand, and, as such, the University works to ensure it is used in conjunction with research, programs, and projects its administrators, faculty, or students are involved in. Because the logo symbolizes the institution as a whole, we work to avoid its use by third parties in ways that may misleadingly imply an endorsement of entities or activities over which we have no control.


For questions about usage of the NYU logo in films, documentaries, or related material, please contact Cristina Fowler, NYU’s Office of Public Affairs, at cristina.fowler@nyu.edu; for queries on all other usages, please email brand@nyu.edu.