A collage: NYU Perstare typography example, a student in an art studio, an NYU flag hanging from a building.

Our Visual Expression

Our visual expression is how we embody the NYU identity and personality through design and visual elements.

To be successful, our visual expression must:

  • Express the brand messaging platform and essence
  • Be distinctive enough to stand on its own, set us apart from our competition, and be easily recognized as NYU
  • Connect on an emotional level with internal and external audiences
  • Be flexible enough for the university-wide community to use
The result was inspired by the streets of the cities NYU calls home, the connections and collaborations between the people in our community, the intersection of ideas on our campuses and in our classrooms, and the drive and curiosity that pushes each of us to keep exploring the opportunities around us and within ourselves.

Brand Toolkit

Not sure where to start? Check out our NYU Brand Toolkit for everything you need to use the NYU brand, including:

  • NYU logos
  • Brand colors
  • Graphics
  • A PDF of our Brand Guidelines
  • Free selection of NYU stock photography

An NYU NetID log-in is required to download resources.

Elements of Our Visual Expression

Putting It All Together

Temporary Campaign and Initiative Identities

No current temporary campaign or initiative identities.

Submit Your Work and Feedback

Have you applied the NYU writing and design styles in your marketing and communications efforts? Do you have feedback regarding the brand guidelines? We’d love for you to share your work and thoughts with us.

Please send your work or feedback to brand@nyu.edu.