Keep Each Other Safe

Each student, faculty, staff member, and administrator makes a significant impact on the well-being of the entire NYU community. We must be in this together to keep each other safe.

This page provides background to the Keep Each Other Safe campaign, along with print and digital content that we encourage those within our community to use and distribute.

Key People for This Initiative

Deborah Broderick
VP of Marketing Communications
Responsible for Campaign Strategy

Mark Courtney
Senior Director, Creative and Brand
Responsible for design and branding

Al DiMauro
Director, NYU Reprographics
Responsible for new signs and printing through i-Buy

Will Huser
AVP Communication and Global Security Operation Centers
Oversight with Global Perspective

Gary Leist
Director, Global Security
Responsible for final count for the initial bulk order along with instructions for use

Gerard Savoy
Director, Facilities Management
Responsible for Building Managers and Points of Contact