Here are several examples of recent projects that use the NYU brand strategy and guidelines to create distinct but brand-aligned communications.

Manager’s Toolkit

Interactive Guide PDF | Presentation Deck

Unit: Office of Work Life

Scope: Upon returning to the office, NYU Work Life developed a toolkit to help managers navigate a successful transition from virtual to in-person management. The toolkit ultimately consists of an interactive PDF document and rollout presentation deck.

Accessibility Note

Remember to remediate the PDF documents you create before sharing them.

Visual Elements Used: Work Life wanted a design that felt approachable and established, so a traditional and bold tone was the best fit. Deep violet is used generously to lend seriousness to the piece, while a majority of the pages use plenty of white and light violet to make the content feel airy and approachable. Ultra Violet accents are used sparingly to keep the piece feeling contemporary. Gotham Black headers are paired with Mercury body text. The city grid graphics are used as subtle backgrounds and page borders. Photography is vibrant and natural.

Wasserman Identity

Flyers | Social Media | Presentation Deck

Unit: Wasserman Center for Career Development

Scope: Reposition Wasserman and refresh its visual identity to expand its audience reach, establish more global partnerships, and further its mission to create career opportunities for students and alumni.

Visual Elements Used: The Wasserman Center’s visual expression supports and strengthens the Center’s brand identity, position, and essence of discovery and connection. The Center utilizes the city grid graphic in a way that ties it to the University’s institutional visual identity while still differentiating itself from its peers in the career development space. The accent color, Wasserman Highlighter, is unique to Wasserman and allows audiences to quickly identify communications from the Center. The hand-drawn graphics bring a personal feel to the communications while simultaneously sharing the Wasserman Center’s warm and approachable personality. Through photography, viewers feel what it’s like to engage and work with the Wasserman Center.

Social Media Post

Example of an Instagram carousel post using the NYU brand.

Scope: This example post highlights the connectivity between NYU’s three degree-granting campuses in Shanghai, Abu Dhabi, and New York City while suggesting a seamless academic or professional experience across cultural boundaries.

Visual Elements Used: An Ultra Violet path weaves through striking images of all three locations and is the perfect nesting place for inspired banner text. Bold, all-caps Gotham typeface keeps the post contemporary. Using the NYU Violet city grid graphic over a deep violet background gives this post some depth and achieves brand alignment.

Email Templates

Scope: Develop a suite of email templates focusing on three types of email messages that schools, departments, and offices send.

Note: To build email templates, partner with the Digital Communications Group 

Visual Elements Used: The city grid graphic provides texture to the background while the main content section remains open to allow space for various messaging needs. We use Arial, a web-safe font, when designing emails and appropriate header styles to align with accessibility standards. The templates are mobile responsive, so the content will reflow to fit a variety of screen widths. The visual tone of the templates ranges from contemporary and subtle to contemporary and bold. The deep violet background and NYU Violet path anchored to the top of the newsletter template make it feel bold.