On This Page: Questions to Consider

Print can make a big impression and requires careful attention and resources. While many communications have moved to digital platforms, print is a key tool because it is tangible and engaging. It also creates opportunities to establish your unit or department’s identity, and it helps you better reach target audiences through strategic distribution.

When it comes to creating impactful print pieces, the voice, tone, and design guidance laid out in the NYU Brand Guidelines is an excellent starting point, especially when paired with the NYU Content Strategy’s audience personas and strategic considerations.

Questions to Consider

Before embarking on a print project, here are some questions you should consider:

  • Why is print the best medium for this project? Be clear about how a print piece will serve your goals.
  • Whom is it for? Identify your audience(s) and how the piece will help them.
  • Do you have the necessary resources to execute this project?
    • Do you need a writer, editor, designer, and/or printing services?
    • Do you have time? Print needs time, especially for editing. Once a mistake is on paper, doing a full reprint is the only way to fix it. Therefore, it’s worth building in time at the beginning of the project to save money, paper, and stress down the road.
    • Do you have a budget, and is that budget sufficient?

The creative brief template is a useful tool for the outset of any print project.

NYU also has many media services, including the Office of Marketing Communications, the Photo Bureau, and NYU Reprographics.