Here, you will find resources to help you bring all the elements of the NYU brand together in your own communications.

Step 1. If you are not already familiar with the Content Strategy and Brand Guidelines, you may want to start there.

Step 2. For larger projects, the NYU Creative Brief Template will help bring all of your stakeholders into alignment.

Step 3. For individual communications and stories, the NYU Story Creation Worksheet provides steps for incorporating the brand pillars and personality traits.

Step 4. The channel guidelines will help you tailor your content and strategy for different platforms.

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Step 1. Get familiar with the NYU brand.

Before writing or designing your content, make sure to visit Writing in Our Style and Designing in Our Style. These pages provide an overview of what to attend to in the writing and design processes as well as guidelines on how to best align your content with the NYU brand.

Download the NYU Brand Toolkit for everything you need to start using the NYU brand, including our logos, color palette, graphics, strategic worksheets, Brand Guidelines (PDF), and Content Strategy (PDF).

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Step 2. Outline project goals and considerations.

NYU Creative Brief

Use this template to outline background information, goals, audience, deliverables, and more.  

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Step 3. Identify your story.

NYU Story Creation Worksheet

Use this worksheet to plan and prioritize the messaging for your content based on the NYU brand narrative platform.

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Step 4. Review our media-specific considerations.

Every communications channel comes with different requirements, best practices, and challenges. These channel guidelines, created by experts across the University, will help you select the right channel for your communications needs and tailor your content for the best impact.