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Putting the NYU Brand Into Action

After becoming familiar with Writing in Our Style and Designing in Our Style, you may want more guidance on how to put the pieces of the NYU look and sound into action.

Here, we have general checklists and guidance for starting a project, whether you’re working on an event flyer or an email campaign. We also have channel-specific best practices and guidance that will help you tailor your message for the best impact across different platforms.

Checklists and Guidance

General Guidance

Content Strategy

Writing in the NYU Style

Designing in the NYU Style

Best Practices

Every communications channel comes with different requirements, best practices, and challenges. These channel guidelines, created by experts across the University, will help you select the right channel for your communications needs and tailor your content for the best impact.

Submit Your Work and Feedback

Have you applied the NYU writing and design styles in your marketing and communications efforts? Do you have feedback regarding the brand guidelines? We’d love for you to share your work and thoughts with us.

Please send your work or feedback to brand@nyu.edu.