You Are Part of the NYU Story

Whether or not our title includes the word “communications,” we all tell the NYU story in some form to a broad range of audiences, both internal and external, and while we represent many different areas and entities of the University, we are ultimately one NYU.


The video above features the voices of NYU communicators.

Getting Started

NYU Brand Toolkit

Not sure where to begin? Download our NYU Brand Toolkit for everything you need to start using the NYU brand including:

  • NYU all-university logos
  • NYU color palette and graphic elements
  • NYU Editorial Guide
  • Strategic worksheets to help you plan creative projects (Story Creation Worksheet and Creative Brief Worksheet)
  • Comprehensive guideline PDFs (Brand Guidelines and Content Strategy)
  • Free selection of NYU stock photography

NYU Brand Basics Webinar

This virtual event hosted in early 2023 provides an overview of our Brand Guidelines. Watch the recording to:

  • Learn about the basics of branding
  • Get an introduction to writing and designing in the NYU style
  • Find out more about the resources and teams at NYU that can help you with branding and communications

More Tools, Templates, and Downloads

Get Help

Brand Support Services

Professional creative and marketing communication resources are available within NYU. The Office of University Relations and Public Affairs offers many of these. Before kicking off or outsourcing a creative project, you may want to explore our in-house resources and expertise.

Submit Your Work and Feedback

Have you applied the NYU writing and design styles in your marketing and communications efforts? Do you have feedback regarding the brand guidelines? We’d love for you to share your work and thoughts with us.

Please send your work or feedback to