If you need help producing, editing or converting multimedia, NYU has staff, equipment, technology and software available for you to use.  The Department of Media Production, the Television Center, Campus Media and Information Technology Services offer a wide range of multimedia services and assistance.  Whether it’s creating, editing or streaming audio and video, getting connected or creating digital media, trained experts and the newest technologies are available to you.  If you need help filming in a studio or on-location, webcasting, setting up teleconferences or need an event recorded, these offices are great resources.  For more information about what services they provide, how to access them and for consultations, visit their websites or contact their offices.


Streaming, resources, editing, etc.

Whether it’s streaming video for an event, editing an archived version for the web or creating marketing materials for your office or division, the Department of Media Production and NYU-TV Video Production Services are your resources for a variety of video services.

The Department of Media Production boasts a talented group of producers, directors, writers, cinematographers, editors, programmers, animators and designers who will work with you to design and produce videos suited to your needs and interests.  Their team handles all aspects of production from inception to completion, helping create videos to promote your program, department or school.  Contact Media Production for more information about how they can help with your project.

NYU-TV Video Production provides both studio and location assistance and post-production services.  Staff members can assist with concept development, scripting, budgeting, taping, editing and duplicating.  NYU-TV provides short term personnel and equipment needed for producing professional video programming as well as broadcasting and streaming services.  To request a service or find out more information, visit NYU-TV.


From transcoding to podcasting to streaming, the NYU-TV Video Production Services is a comprehensive resource for your audio needs.  They are equipped to turn your content into digital media files for podcasting, transcode a variety of files and convert video to a digital file that can be embedded in your website for streaming.  

Events / Equipment Rental

Planning an event or presentation?  Record your event or accentuate it using state-of-the-art multimedia with help from Campus Media, the Department of Media Production or NYU-TV.  These resources give you access to audio and visual equipment, training demonstrations and specialized media services to assist you in capturing and producing your presentation.

Campus Media offers a broad inventory of audio and video systems, projection equipment, laptop computers, accessories for classroom support and special events, demonstrations and training on the proper use of equipment.  The Classroom Media Services department provides equipment and support for use in the classroom.  

If you need help creating a video or presentation for your event, the Department of Media Production boasts a talented group of producers, directors, writers, cinematographers, editors, programmers, animators and designers who will work with you to design and produce your presentation.  Whether it’s creating a video, DVD, CD-ROM or web media, Media Production will work with you from inception to successful completion to produce effective multimedia for your event.  To find out more, visit the Department of Media Production website.

Do you want to film or record an event?  NYU-TV Video Production is equipped to help you record your event, broadcast it live over NYU-TV or arrange for a live webcast.  NYU-TV provides crews for your production and recording equipment for rental.  Visit the NYU-TV website to find out more about the recording services available and how to request a service.  

If you want to make sure that a special event such as the Academy Awards, the Super Bowl or the World Series is available for students to watch, NYU-TV can arrange broadcasting on a temporary basis.  To make a special broadcast request, visit the NYU-TV website.

Studio or location

Whether you need studio space for filming or assistance on a location shoot, NYU-TV provides a variety of studio, location and post-production services.  NYU-TV has staff available for both technical and creative assistance as well as equipment available for rental and use.   Contact them to access equipment, for assistance with studio or on-location shoots and post-production services, including editing, graphics creation and conversion to multiple formats.

NYU-TV's built-in studio located at 28 Washington Place can be configured to meet a variety of needs, whether you need a quick interview taped, plan on hosting a game show or are producing a day-long conference. The 20' x 35' television studio is available for rental with or without equipment.  Contact NYU-TV to find out more about the equipment available and for information about renting the studio and rental rates.  

NYU sponsored events can take place at locations across the Manhattan campus and beyond.  The Television Center is equipped to help film and record events from any location on campus.  For additional transportation charges, the Center can also help with shoots at locations beyond Washington Square.  Whether you need to rent equipment or require a crew to record your event, the Television Center customizes its services to your video recording needs.  Visit the NYU-TV website for more information about location filming services.


If you want your content to reach the largest audience possible, then webcasting is the way to go.  NYU-TV in conjunction with Campus Cable can ensure that your event is streamed from a variety of NYU events locations out to the general public.

Do you have an event that was videotaped that you’d like to share with the larger NYU community or the general public? Then, consider setting up an archived webcast of your event. NYU-TV staff can facilitate the conversion of your video to a digital file that can then be embedded in your website.  To find out more about NYU-TV's digital media services, visit its website.


Your event was videotaped, so what comes next?  NYU-TV offers a variety of post-production services, from editing to graphics creation, to help you turn raw video footage into a complete program that can be distributed on NYU-TV's campus channels, the web, podcasting and many other outlets.  

Videos come alive in the editing process, and NYU-TV has the equipment and staff to meet your project’s needs.  The Television Center is equipped with three digital non-linear editing systems powered by Apple’s Final Cut Pro software and can help with Color adjustment, audio sweetening and digitizing footage.  

Because the importance of graphics can never be underestimated, the Television Center can help create graphics ranging from simple, sophisticated replications of NYU’s logo to creative animations that make your video dynamic.  The Television Center’s graphics creation stations are stocked with After Effects, Motion, Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash.  To find out more about post-production services and rates, visit NYU-TV.

Digital Media Creation

Using cutting-edge digital media is one of the most effective communication strategies for promoting your department or event, advancing recruitment and improving public relations.  Campus Media and the Television Center can help conceive, create and distribute digital audio and video for your department, event or other needs.

The Television Center has staff and equipment available to help produce digital audio and video content and offers live webcasting, streaming, podcasting and transcoding services.  From planning to recording to post-production, the Center will work with you in creating digital media content in formats that can be easily accessed by both the University community and the general public.  For more information on digital media services provided by the Television Center, visit NYU-TV.

The Department of Media Production produces video content and web media and generates effective digital communications strategies.  From the inception of your project to its completion, Media Production employs state-of-the-art techniques in designing and producing innovative digital technology.  Visit the Media Production website for more information on its digital media services.

Multiformat dub conversion

Do you have video content on analog formats that you can no longer view? The Television Center provides dubbing and conversion services for the NYU community.  Whether you need multiple copies of a video or wish your video content were on DVD or in a digital format, the Center has the ability to duplicate or convert media from or to a variety of formats.  Visit the NYU-TV for more information on its dubbing and conversion services.


If you’re looking for help setting up a teleconference, the Television Center offers web teleconferencing consultation.  Teleconferencing has come a long way since the days of using satellites to transmit video from disconnected locations.  With the advent of the web, teleconferencing has become much easier and more affordable.  The Television Center will assist in planning a teleconference and coming up with a solution that meets your needs.  Visit NYU-TV for more information.

Getting connected

Get connected to your favorite TV programming, NYU’s Internet services or even satellite programming using NYU’s helpful media services.  Campus Cable can connect you to NYU’s local area network and NYU-TV, the Television Center can help with broadband broadcasting and satellite downlink services, while Information Technology  is your resource for getting online and connected to the Internet.

Campus Cable is NYU’s private closed circuit cable system, providing local programming, basic cable and NYU-TV to various academic buildings, residence halls and NYU public spaces.  Visit Campus Cable’s website for information on how to connect from one of NYU’s campus cable accessible buildings, view a cable channel guide or fill out a service request if you are experiencing any difficulties with your campus cable.

Are you looking to downlink a particular program via satellite?  The Television Center can tune in your program with two steerable C/Ku-band satellite dishes.  Have them route the program live to your meeting location, or they can tape it for you on DV, BetaSP or VHS. 

Information Technology can help you connect to NYU-NET and the Internet, NYU Web, NYUHome and NYU Libraries Resources.  NYU-NET is NYU's campus-wide, Internet-connected network of computers, computer-related equipment, and information resources.  There are numerous ways to connect to NYU-NET from both on-campus and off-campus locations, but the key to access is your NYU NetID and password.  For information on how to find, activate and use your NetID and password, visit the IT website.

On-campus access to NYU-NET is possible through a variety of ways.  NYURoam is New York University's secure, wireless access network.  For information about availability, how to configure your laptop to use the service, specific hardware and software requirements, and more, visit the NYU Roam Wireless pages.   

Students and faculty staying in 18 of NYU’s residence halls have access to the NYU Residential Networking service (ResNet), in-room Ethernet connections to NYUHome, email, and other Internet services.  To find out if you are in a ResNet-wired residence hall and had to access ResNet services, visit the ResNet page

ITS provides four large, modern computer labs for use by NYU students and employees free of charge.  The labs are equipped with high-end Macintosh and Windows systems, laser printers, DVD drives, high-speed Internet connections, and a wide variety of up-to-date software.  For locations, hours and resource information, visit the IT Locations and Facilities page

For information about access to NYU-NET and the Internet from your NYU office, visit the Network and Connectivity page.  ITS also provides limited support for the use of PDAs and handhelds with a variety NYU services.  

Are you trying to access NYU’s Internet services while off-campus?  In order to connect to certain NYU resources, you may need to log in using NYU-NET Proxy to authenticate yourself as an NYU community member.  You may also need to download a different web browser if you are connecting to the Internet using a non-NYU Internet Service Provider.  For more information about connecting to NYU-NET from off-campus, visit the IT website