The cover for the Undergraduate Search Brochure that reads "NYU" and "Your Journey Starts Here"

Project Overview

NYU’s Undergraduate Search Brochure—and accompanying digital ads—is the first university touchpoint for many prospective students. Through a strategic engagement with the Office of Enrollment Management, and in support of NYU’s recruitment efforts, we developed and created a print brochure that is bold in its design and engaging in its copy. We parlayed the brochure into the digital space, translating finely tuned branding into eye-catching digital ads.

The Challenge

Pack the entire NYU experience—academic, global, professional, social, personal—into one attention-grabbing and trajectory-altering campaign that shows prospective undergraduate students why NYU is not just another place to pursue a degree, but THE place to pursue a degree.

The Solution

We leveraged NYU’s brand identity to create a bright and energetic design system that stands apart from peer institutions, motivates a second, third, and fourth look, and drives prospective undergraduate students to engage with the University. Polished, high-contrast images support punchy, sharp content that is deftly crafted from a deep well of institutional knowledge. Custom-built digital ads that combine these elements share NYU’s unique brand and unparalleled opportunity with a global audience.  


  • Visual design and branding
  • Digital and social media marketing
  • Content strategy and development
  • Photography and video production

The Final Product

Opened Search brochure featuring students and the phrase "Imagine the Possibilities"

Screenshots of the Search ad campaign featuring HTML banners, emails, and social media

Smiling students walking in Washington Square Park

A student laughs as a subway pulls into the subway station and causes her hair to blow forward

A group of students sitting on park bench, laughing and talking in Washington Square Park