Cover and opening spreads of the Accept Packet. The cover features the word "Congratulations" repeated and "Welcome to NYU"

Project Overview

Our ambitious, engaged, and dedicated students set NYU apart. When a student gets admitted here, they should feel celebrated and accomplished. We want them to get excited—and we want them to choose NYU. The accept packet is the first step: the big, congratulatory experience that is the culmination of their long and often stressful college application process. Then, through a print and digital yield campaign, we encourage them to make NYU their new home away from home.

The Challenge

Following strategies developed by the Office of Enrollment Management, create a series of publications and communications designed to make newly admitted students feel special and get excited about choosing NYU.

The Solution

A luxurious, tactile, and visually sophisticated accept packet matches the monumental tone of the moment. This piece is designed with social media in mind and encourages students to post selfies with it using their NYU class hashtag to generate an awareness of their new cohort.

A yield brochure follows the accept packet. There is one for each undergraduate school at the New York City campus that touts its unique nature and strongest attributes. Next, the digital yield campaign invokes nostalgia with hand-drawn type and elements that feel personal, and the subtle use of the gradient recalls Polaroids. On-campus assets like lamppost banners and window displays bring this experience into the physical world and create a branded experience for visiting admitted students.


  • Visual design and branding
  • Content strategy and development
  • Photography
  • Digital and social media assets

The Final Product

Collection of Yield brochures for all 10 schools at NYU with the words "Welcome Home"

Screenshots from Instagram featuring student portraits with the words "Ask Me Anything" overlaid on a colored gradient

Screenshot of the Yield Facebook campaign with a cover image that says "Welcome Home NYU Class of 2024"

Lamppost banner that says "NYU Welcomes the Class of 2024"

Decals on the windows of the Bonomi Family Welcome Center that say "Welcome Home"