Covers of the Three-Campus Viewbooks

Project Overview

NYU students come from dozens of countries and almost every state, which means that visiting our campuses isn’t always possible. These viewbooks recreate, through engaging storytelling, student voices, and slice-of-life photography, the experience of being an NYU student at all three of NYU’s degree-granting campuses in New York City, Abu Dhabi, and Shanghai. They are developed in partnership with the Office of Enrollment Management and are used to support NYU’s recruitment objectives.

The Challenge

Create a printed brochure for each of NYU’s degree-granting campuses that captivates—through both compelling content and vivid design—our Gen Z audience at a critical time when they are beginning to narrow down their college choices. Position NYU at the top of the list of colleges where prospective students picture themselves.

The Solution

We created three college viewbooks that jump out and inspire our audience to pursue NYU and set us apart from the competition. For New York City, we carefully chose inspiring content and eye-catching design elements that would speak directly to our teenage audience. Blocks of transparent gradients overlay photos, headlines weave throughout the design, and patterns of repeating elements and typography make for a dynamic piece. In all three books, bold storytelling through real-life examples gives prospective students a glimpse of the opportunities they will enjoy at NYU—from academics and student life to outcomes after graduation. For NYU Abu Dhabi and NYU Shanghai, the use of the gradient as a design element and the signature Abu Dhabi orange and Shanghai red as accents make the pieces feel bright and exciting. Candid, rather than staged, admissions-style photography in all three books captures what life is like at NYU.


  • Visual design and branding
  • Content strategy and development
  • Photography

The Final Product

The cover and two spreads of the NYU Junior Piece

Student Profile featured in the NYU Junior Piece

Cover and two spreads from the NYU Abu Dhabi Junior Piece

Opening spread from the NYU Abu Dhabi Junior Piece

Cover and two spreads from the NYU Shanghai Junior Piece

Opening spread from the NYU Shanghai Junior Piece