Brochure covers

Project Overview

The Office of Graduate Marketing and Admission Consulting (GMAC) at NYU approached us to reimagine the print materials they use to support the University’s graduate schools, centers, and institutes in their recruitment efforts. These print pieces are utilized in a number of ways, including by admissions representatives at recruitment events and as takeaways from the NYU Bonomi Family Admissions Center. We saw the opportunity to extend our collaboration to the web space as well, initiating an ongoing phase of the project dedicated to refreshing GMAC’s web pages.

The Challenge

Create a brochure and a website that efficiently and effectively communicate the opportunities available to graduate and professional students at NYU. Establish a brand, style, and content strategy for GMAC that clearly communicates its function, strongly supports graduate recruitment efforts, and, most importantly, provides prospective graduate students with the information, insight, and guidance to confidently begin their journey toward a graduate degree at NYU.

The Solution

We synthesized GMAC’s existing print materials into an elegant and visually intriguing brochure designed to appeal to a mature audience of prospective graduate and professional students. The brochure’s simplified layout uses white space, refined graphics, and curated photography that easily translates to digital and social media spaces to create an on-brand, eye-catching, and elevated print piece that invites further exploration. Content prioritizes the prospective student journey, reflecting a content strategy dedicated to providing information prospective graduate students need to move forward in their recruitment journey. This strategy is also being implemented in an ongoing web phase of the project. In this phase, we are redesigning GMAC’s web pages to better support graduate and professional school recruitment and to provide a more informative, intuitive, and user-friendly experience for prospective NYU graduate students.


  • Communication strategy
  • Visual design and branding
  • Content strategy and development

The Final Product

Brochure spread featuring a happy masters student in graduation gown

Brochure spread featuring masters degree options

Brochure cover

Inside spread of brochure featuring impressive statistics about the Master's program

NYU's Instagram feed with branded posts to match information from the brochure