NYU Tandon stamp overlaid on two students collaborating on a project

Project Overview

NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering is home to an international student body who experiment and innovate together in Brooklyn, an emerging hub of technology and innovation. Tandon has recently increased their academic ranking, and to capitalize on their momentum, they concepted a campaign built around the tagline “Born Anywhere, Made in Brooklyn,” to celebrate the school’s diverse community and growing ties to Brooklyn. Our team worked with Tandon to bring their concept to life through a bold visual campaign inspired by the engineering process and the students, faculty, and community at once.

The Challenge

We were challenged to develop a flexible visual campaign that evokes Tandon’s Brooklyn location and reflects the hands-on, experimental nature of the engineering process itself. The campaign should feel personal to students, stir up their sense of pride of place, and be built on the concept of being “Made in Brooklyn.”

The Solution

We created a direction with an aesthetic inspired by the gritty, authentic reputation of Brooklyn that builds on the tagline “Born Anywhere, Made in Brooklyn.” The tagline plays on the idea of “making” and being “made”; as a hub of innovation, Tandon provides students with endless opportunities to build, experiment, and “make,” and through those opportunities students will graduate as fully formed engineers “made” in Brooklyn. The visual branding is distinguished from Tandon’s logo in its usage and edgy design elements and is led by a stamp, meant to be applied at an angle, as if imprinted imperfectly in a rush. The stamp and tagline feature prominently across a range of print, web, email, and social media as well as on Tandon swag, like canvas tote bags and mugs.


  • Visual design and branding

The Final Product

NYU Tandon Made in Brooklyn campaign logo

Made in Brooklyn graphic stamped onto piece of paper

NYU Tandon Made in Brooklyn campaign logo appearing in the footer of the Tandon website

A mockup of a subway advertisement featuring the Made in Brooklyn campaign

A mockup of NYU Tandon's Instagram account, featuring the Made in Brooklyn campaign.

A mug featuring the Made in Brooklyn campaign

A sweatshirt featuring the Made in Brooklyn campaign