Interior spreads of the NYU Q magazine laid out diagonally

Project Overview

With thousands of courses, innovative research and entrepreneurial endeavors, a vibrant artistic community, and access to the world’s great cities, an NYU education presents countless opportunities for driven students. The Office of Enrollment Management is tasked with recruiting these students, and they create comprehensive strategies for identifying and cultivating NYU’s applicant pool. One arm of this strategy is the quarterly print magazine, NYU Q, and the content website, Meet NYU. We work with Enrollment Management to produce these projects, which capture the depth and breadth of the NYU experience through real student stories, spotlights on programs and resources, and pieces about student life, the global network, and more.

The Challenge

Create a print- and web-based experience that captures the many facets of being an NYU student. Foster an understanding of the opportunities, resources, and communities at NYU in our prospective student audience, with the ultimate goal of increasing the number of competitive applicants who come to NYU ready to fully engage with the University.

The Solution

The NYU Q and Meet NYU are adaptable marketing and recruitment tools that convey information to prospective students and their families through targeted, honest, and engaging storytelling. In collaboration with the Office of Enrollment Management’s Marketing and Communications team, we develop a content strategy that follows the cycle of prospective student needs as they move from exploration through application. Each issue of the Q captures the energy and excitement of our urban settings and ambitious community through original design and photography that is carefully researched and created to resonate with our target audiences. Online, we carry this energy into original videos and an expanded range of content that engenders a sense of place, community, and versatility.


  • Visual design and branding
  • Content strategy and development
  • Video production and photography

The Final Product

Cover to the NYU Q magazine, interior spreads, and online version of a featured story about science opportunities at NYU.

Cover and interior spreads of the NYU Q and online post of a featured story about performing arts opportunities for non-majors

Illustrated portrait of a student

Portrait of Professor Wendy Suzuki in her office holding a model of a human brain

Black and white portrait of a student's profile with text that reads "Going to China made me more vocal as a Chinese-American Woman."

Portrait of a student in Washington Square Park on a sunny day

Screenshots of featured Q stories on Meet NYU