The visual identity features portraits of real NYU employees from across the University.

Project Overview

NYU employees make a big impact on the University, on our students, and on our community. With the Office of Human Resources, we reimagined the employee onboarding experience as an opportunity to foster a sense of belonging and community from day one and help new hires feel like exactly what they are—an important part of this place.

The Challenge

Create an experience that celebrates the arrival of new employees and lets them know that they are part of a community and a higher purpose, with the goal of creating a path toward higher job satisfaction and employee retention.

The Solution

We designed a visual identity for the campaign, using image treatments and graphic elements in line with core NYU branding, then we implemented this visual identity in the creation of a new-employee welcome kit. This kit includes a brochure that welcomes new employees to NYU and shares with them what it means to be part of the University. The kit also includes information about many of the less obvious benefits of working at NYU. The visual identity was also applied in the development of digital communications (email, web page), a reusable tote bag, and a video that introduced the new identity to the existing NYU community. 



  • Strategic consulting
  • Visual design and branding
  • Content development

The Final Product

Welcome kit envelope

Spreads from the welcome kit brochure that welcome new employees and provide additional information about NYU initiatives

Welcome email that features an employee portrait and provides information on the recipients' scheduled onboarding session

Tote bag branded with the "We Are NYU" campaign logo

An example of an employee profile, included in the welcome kit.