Banner featuring images of students in NYU's global network with the words "Global Notebook"

Project Overview

With three degree-granting campuses and 12 global academic locations, NYU’s global network encompasses a dizzying array of opportunities. Global Notebook is an online project that showcases it all in ways that can’t be accomplished with pamphlets and course catalogs. Through original stories, video, and photography, we partnered with the Office of Global Programs to create this resource to help students imagine and plan for their own study abroad experiences.

The Challenge

Convey the power, opportunity, and flexibility of NYU’s vast and complex global network through storytelling. This project needed to give internal and external students a sense of what it’s like to study away at NYU that goes beyond what they can read on travel websites. It needed to feel personal and real and help students make informed decisions about where they want to study abroad.

The Solution

Global Notebook was conceived to tell honest and informative stories. To that end, it is designed to reflect a student’s notebook or diary. Its design feels personal, using watercolor and handwritten font, while still incorporating the geometric shapes and lines as well as the color palette that align with the Global Programs branding. Each issue is shaped by a simple, flexible content strategy that adheres to four sections: academics, life, community, and advice. These sections are a mix of photo essays, videos, testimonials, advice, and articles that show the depth and breadth of the study abroad experience.

To drive audience traffic to Global Notebook, we incorporated it into our digital advertising campaign for the Office of Global Programs.


  • Web and digital communication strategy
  • Digital marketing and social media
  • Content strategy and development
  • Video production and photography

The Final Product

Screenshots of the Global Notebook website

Instagram posts from NYU Global Programs featuring sites and students