NYU is our business. We are here to communicate its energy and opportunity to the world.

Centrally located within the Office of University Relations and Public Affairs, the Office of Marketing Communications is a creative agency that has helped tell the NYU story for decades. We utilize strategic content development and tailored creative design to produce engaging, informative, and actionable integrated marketing campaigns.

Our Services

As NYU’s in-house, fully staffed creative agency, we provide the University with a wide range of conventional and digital marketing communication services. We collaborate with and leverage the specialized expertise of a number of teams within our division—including Digital Communications, Media Production, and the Photo Bureau—to ensure our clients always receive the ideal solution for their challenges. While we do not charge for consultations, we do charge for some of our services at rates well below industry standards. We’re excited to talk with you and learn how we can help you strengthen your:

  • Communication strategy
  • Visual design and branding
  • Content strategy and development
  • Photography and video production (in support of specific projects)
  • Digital and social media marketing

Our Portfolio

Have a look at some of the projects our office has completed for departments, offices, and units across NYU.

NYU Q and Meet NYU

Capture the NYU experience for prospective students through real stories. See how we share the NYU experience through the NYU Q and Meet NYU »

Human Resources Onboarding Kit

Welcome new employees and show them what it means to be part of the NYU community through the Human Resources onboarding kit »

Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute Brand Discovery and Creative Development  

Create a distinctive and impactful brand identity that distinguishes NYU Journalism from all the rest. Discover NYU Journalism »

Undergraduate Accept Packet and Yield Campaign

Celebrate admitted students and encourage them to choose NYU. See the excitement in the undergraduate accept packet and yield campaign »

Undergraduate Search Campaign

Show prospective students why NYU is THE place to pursue a degree. See the undergraduate search campaign »

Three-Campus Viewbook Campaign

Set NYU apart from our competitors as prospective students begin to narrow down their college options. Here’s how we did it in the three-campus viewbook campaign »

Global Notebook

Demonstrate and inform students about the limitless possibilities of NYU’s global network. Discover what limitless looks like in Global Notebook »

Office of Global Inclusion, Diversity, and Strategic Innovation Website Refresh  

Reimagined web content helps increase awareness of a new and impactful NYU office. Learn more about the collaborative website refresh for the Office of Global Inclusion, Diversity, and Strategic Innovation »

Office of Graduate Marketing and Admission Consulting Brochure and Website Refresh

Support the recruitment of graduate and professional students with on-brand, informative, and actionable print and web materials. See how we did it through a brochure and website refresh for the Office of Graduate Marketing and Admissions Consulting »

NYU Tandon: “Made in Brooklyn” Campaign

Evoke the inventive spirit of NYU Tandon and the gritty, hardworking reputation of its home borough. See how we created NYU Tandon's "Made in Brooklyn" campaign »

Commencement Magazine and Creative Branding Campaign

Partnered with the Office of University Events to create a one-of-a-kind experience for NYU graduates. See what we did for the Commencement campaign »