Step 1:

  • Log in to the i4 server with your NetID and password.
  • Use as your host.
  • Make sure you connect to i4 using port 22.


Step 2:

  • WinSCP will attempt to make a connection with the i4 server.
  • If WinSCP is able to successfully connect with the server, you will immediately receive a request for authentication using the Duo Mobile app on your MFA registered mobile device.
  • You must authenticate through Duo Mobile to complete your connection.


Step 3:

  • If you don't authenticate with Duo Mobile before the connection attempt times out, you'll receive an error message in the status field.
  • WinSCP will keep trying to connect to the server, however the connection won't be complete until you confirm authentication through Duo Mobile.


Step 4:

  • After you've successfully authenticated with the Duo Mobile app, you're connection to the i4 server will be complete.
  • WinSCP displays your local files on the left and remote files on the right. You can access the necessary i4 files using the web shortcut.