Why require MFA?

All i4 account holders need to confirm their identity with an MFA-enrolled mobile device after accessing the server with their NetID and password. Its use helps NYU protect your personal information from cybersecurity threats and ensure uninterrupted access to University services and information.

MFA is an essential service to help safeguard access to critical systems or systems storing sensitive and research data. This added level of security substantially reduces the likelihood of unauthorized access to sensitive information through the use of compromised NetIDs.

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What to Expect

Unlike using MFA with other essential NYU services, accessing the i4 server won’t require you to go through the NYU Login authentication screen (PNG). If you don’t authenticate before the connection times out, you'll receive an error message and will need to attempt to connect again. Once you've authenticated, you may be prompted to complete MFA again after an hour.

When connecting through an SFTP or SCP client (e.g., Fetch or FileZilla):

  • You'll immediately receive a notification on your MFA-enrolled mobile device with the Duo Mobile app. Note: If you don't have either an iOS or Android device with the Duo Mobile app installed, you'll instead automatically receive a call to an enrolled phone number.
  • You won’t be able to select your authentication method. For example, if you have the Duo Mobile app installed, you cannot authenticate through your office phone, secondary devices, or alternative methods.
  • If you have the Duo Mobile app installed, you must authenticate using the app even if you have a different authentication method selected as your preferred method.

When connecting through an SSH client (e.g., PuTTY or Terminal):

  • You'll be able to select an MFA-enrolled authentication device by typing the appropriate number based on a list provided to you.
  • You may authenticate through with the Duo Mobile app, your office phone, secondary devices, or alternative methods.