Credit Card Processing

ePayments at New York University is a service designed to allow the acceptance of Credit Cards, ACH/e-Checks, or Electronic Payments for gifts, donations, goods, or services. ePayments at NYU are centrally managed by the Treasury Division.

University Events Calendar

The University Events Calendar is a centralized source of event information with the goal to always be the single repository for all University events.

NYU Search

NYU uses the Funnelback search engine (powered by Squiz) for NYU Search on the domain.  Google allows us to offer customized search result pages through the use of stylesheets. The stylesheet allows you to integrate the search result pages into the existing look and feel of your website.

(Previously, from 2002 to 2019, NYU used the Google Search Appliance to handle searching on the domain.  Google retired their service in early 2019.)

Funnelback's indexing robot starts at the top of the NYU website and follows links to find all index-able pages within the NYU search collection. All you need to do to get your webpages into the main NYU Google index is:

  • put the pages up in a web space that is not excluded from the NYU search collection
  • make sure your pages don't contain meta tags or a robots.txt that prevent the robot from indexing your page
  • make sure your page can be reached by clicking links from one of the top-level pages on the NYU site

There is no need to submit pages to the index: the Funnelback crawler will pick up changed, new, and removed pages automatically during its scheduled crawls.

Please note

A customized Google Search cannot be implemented on sites within the Web Publishing Service (, Google Sites, or on pages created in the university's enterprise CMS.

For any questions regarding the Google Search, or if your site is not housed on and you wish to have results appear in the main NYU search results, please write to the Web Team.

Web Server Hosting

NYU schools, departments, or project groups who wish to create websites that incorporate third-party, application-based functionality, or who require specific server configuration changes that cannot be accommodated on the enterprise web server, may be interested in contracting with NYU IT for a Web Hosting Server Level Agreement (SLA), a fee-based service.

The SLA provides a dedicated server on which NYU IT will install the basic operating system and required software (PHP, MySQL, etc.).  NYU IT cannot support the administration of any third-party software that is installed, so the client must assign a primary technical administrator. This individual will receive an account on the machine in order to install applications.

Web Usage Statistics

Google Analytics is a self-service tool that provides analytical data on content pages within and its subdomains. This service is available for all content authors who manage pages on the university CMS.

Content pages hosted on NYU's legacy server uses a statistics analysis program called Urchin that provides reports about who is visiting your website.

Please note: The Urchin System was officially deprecated in 2012. We are taking steps toward retiring this service. Please contact the Analytics Support team if you need assistance with obtaining web usage data on pages hosted on the legacy (e.g. - non-CMS) NYU web server.