Each holder of an NYU IT account, or holder of any school or departmental account permitting network access, has the responsibility to use the resources in an ethical and legal manner. Please review the policy statements below to learn about your responsibilities and rights.

Important Note: Please keep in mind that i4 as a hosting platform is scheduled to retire in July 2022. If you haven’t done so already, we highly recommend that you look for alternative server solutions. You can reach out to the NYU Web Team if you need assistance with this process.

Many of the resources shared throughout the NYU Web Guide are specific to the main (non-CMS) NYU web server, www.nyu.edu, accessed through an account on the legacy i4.nyu.edu machine. The i4 server is no longer accepting requests for new accounts and active websites must be migrated before the scheduled retirement in July 2022.

At any point, cyber security or infrastructure updates may prevent web applications on i4 from working before the scheduled retirement. We encourage active web owners to migrate off of i4 as soon as possible. 

For other web options, please refer to the website publishing comparison chart. If you have questions about a site that is not on this server, please contact your school webmaster or write to the Web Team.