Available Global Tags

  • all-square clubs
  • alumni
  • belonging
  • betogether
  • book talk
  • dance
  • discussion
  • diversity
  • employee
  • exhibit
  • equity
  • faculty
  • film screening
  • fine art
  • guest speaker
  • health and wellness
  • idbe
  • inclusion
  • interview
  • lecture
  • live performance
  • music
  • orgsync
  • panel discussion
  • photography
  • presentation
  • research
  • seminar
  • special event
  • spirituality
  • student
  • student life
  • student organizations
  • sustainability
  • talk
  • technology
  • theater
  • training
  • urban culture and development
  • urban initiative
  • welcome week
  • workshop

If you have an idea for a new tag that should be made available to all users within the Events Calendar then please email the Events Team.

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Create New Tags Within Your Event

  1. Navigate to the Add a new event screen.
    1. For an event you've already created, click on the name of the event on the Your Events listing to get to the Edit an event screen.
  2. Use the field in the Tags section to enter new tags.
  3. Separate tags with a tab or by hitting the enter key.
  4. Each tag entered will be saved in your Tag Library and will be available for use by other members of your Calendar Group.

Create New Tags Within Your Tag Library

  1. Select the "Toolbox" option on the right side within the purple admin banner.
  2. Select "Tags" from the menu.
  3. Click the blue "+ Add a new tag" button in the upper right corner.
  4. A new field will appear at the top of your list of tags.
  5. Enter your new tag's name and click the "Save tag" button.