Create an Event RSVP

  1. Navigate to the Add a new event screen.
    1. For an event you've already created, click on the name of the event on the Your Events listing to get to the Edit an event screen.
  2. Create an RSVP option by:
    1. Clicking the "Add RSVP" button at the top of the screen near the title of the event; or
    2. Checking the box next to "RSVP" at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Complete the available fields in the RSVP category toward the bottom of the screen.
    1. RSVP Basics
    2. Limiting RSVPs
    3. Registration Period
  4. RSVP Basics:
    1. In the "Email address for the event organizer" field, add a contact email address for the event.
      1. By default, this field will be populated with the email address of the user creating the event.
      2. This email address is used to send registration confirmations to users.
    2. If needed, provide additional registration instructions in the "Special instructions" field for registrants.
      1. Content provided in this field will be displayed directly above the RSVP option on your event page in plain unformatted text.
    3. Provide additional text for registration confirmation emails in the "Text for your automated email response" field.
      1. Your text will appear at the start of the confirmation email after a default "thanks for registering" message.
      2. All confirmation emails contain the following information:
        1. Name
        2. Email
        3. Phone
        4. Attendees
        5. Comments for organizer
        6. Waitlist status (yes or no)
        7. Number on the waitlist, if waitlisted
        8. Link to save event to their personal calendar
    4. If you would like to get an email confirmation each time someone registers for your event, check the box labeled "Notify by email when RSVPs are submitted."
  5. Limiting RSVPs:
    1. If you want/ need to limit the number of registrants to your event, set a number in the "Maximum RSVP attendees" field.
    2. If you would like to limit the number of people each registrant can RSVP on behalf of, set a limit in the "Maximum attendees per RSVP submission." If you want each attendee to register for themselves, then set this number to one.
    3. To enable a waitlist check the box labeled "Enable waitlist" and then set a limit of waitlist registrants.
    4. To limit RSVPs to a particular group of people, check the box labeled "Limit to specific email addresses or domains."
      1. In the box that appears provide either the domain extensions or list of email address you want to limit registrations to.
      2. Each domain or email address should be separated by a comma.
      3. For example:,
      4. For example:,
  6. Registration Period:
    1. To limit event registration to a particular period of time, check the box labeled "Set a time and date for RSVP start and/or cutoff."
    2. If you would like to set an RSVP start time, provide a date and time using the calendar date and time fields.
    3. If you would like to set an RSVP end time, provide a date and time using the calendar date and time fields.
  7. Click the blue "Save changes" button to confirm your event RSVP options.

Manage Event Registration

  1. Select the "Toolbox" option on the right side within the purple admin banner.
  2. Select "Event RSVPs" from the menu.
  3. You will be taken to the Manage Event Registrations screen which displays all of your events with RSVPs listed in chronological order. It will show your event title, date, and number of registrants.
  4. Manage Registrations:
    1. Add comments in the "Event Creator Comments" box for any internal notes. This will not be shared with registrants.
    2. Cancel or delete a reservation by checking the box next a person's name and then selecting the appropriate option under the "With checked items..." dropdown at the top of the screen.
    3. To email all registrants, including the waitlist, use the "Email all registrants" option.
  5. Manage Event Attendance:
    1. To mark registrants as attended, check the box next each person's name. Note: You can check more than one at a time or use the "Select all" button towards the top of the screen.
    2. At the top of the screen under the "With checked items..." dropdown, select to mark as attended or did not attend.
    3. If a computer or internet access isn't available, use the "Printable List of Registrants" option to take attendance at your event and update when one become available.