In Email Direct, analytics are called Responses and the reporting tool is called Insights.

View analytics (rates, shares, etc.) for each mailing in the Response tab. Find robust reporting data across all mailings on the Insights tab. View open rates, click rates, and even a click analysis that displays these metrics in informative graphs and charts.

Mailing Response Analytics

Find out more about your audience and use your data to get better results for future mailings. See the mailing score. Track your individual email's performance based on opens, clicks, and shares. Find out exactly where people are clicking within the context of your actual email (on both desktop and mobile) so you can see what content works best.

Response tab in the Email Direct

Subaccount Reporting Insights

The Insights tab shows engagement, growth, trends, and performance data in aggregate statistics by time frames. It features auto-generated charts, heat maps, and provides possible optimal send times. Learn more about the Insights tab.

Insights tab in Email Direct