DigiComm provides support for all forms used within NYU's web content management system (CMS), Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). Most forms can be created and maintained through NYU's official web form platform, Qualtrics, using form fields that adhere to web accessibility standards. 

Standard Web Forms

Qualtrics, NYU's official web form platform, supports the creation and modification of most web forms and provides a unified, secure experience for administrative units and form users with access to collected data through self-service.

DigiComm provides assistance with the creation and maintenance of forms used within NYU.edu.  

Allowed Form Fields

NYU adheres to the World Wide Web Consortium’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, Level AA standards. To meet accessibility requirements, NYU restricts the use of form fields available within Qualtrics. Allowed fields include:

  • Descriptive Text
  • Text Entry (Single-line, multi-line included)
  • Multiple Choice (Radio, Checkbox, Dropdown Menu included)

Solutions for Specialized Forms

Some forms may collect data or require integrations that cannot be developed within Qualtrics. Examples are:

  • Forms that require connections to e-Payment gateway
  • Forms that collect, store, or transmit moderate or high-risk data (social security #s, protected HIPAA/FERPA data, etc.)
  • Forms that require authentication and/or pre-populated data via stored login credentials

For assistance with a form not supported by Qualtrics, please submit a project request form or email the digital form service team with questions.