Most of the more common issues that users report with the CMS can be resolved with simple troubleshooting.

Don't forget to connect to the VPN before accessing the CMS while working remotely.

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Clear Your Browser Cache

  1. Log out of the CMS
  2. Go to your browser's History menu
  3. Select "Clear Recent History..."
  4. Check "Cache" from details
    1. Make sure time range is set to "Everything"
  5. Click Clear Now
  6. Quit the browser
  7. Reopen
  8. Log in to the CMS again and see if the issue resolves

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Disable Your Pop-up Blocker

The CMS uses popup dialog windows to allow you to configure content. If your browser is set to disable all pop-ups, then you will not be able to access them. Follow these steps to disable your pop-up blocker in Firefox.

  1. Go to the browser men in your toolbar
  2. Select "Preferences" from the list of menu options
  3. Click the tab for "Content"
  4. Uncheck the box for "Block pop-up windows"

Refresh your Browser

Sometimes the solutions listed above aren't enough to overcome issues you may be having with your browser. In these situations, try refreshing your browser. For instructions, use a search engine to search for the terms ' refresh browser" and the name of the browser you are using.

This will reset add-ons and settings while saving essential information.

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Check Your Plugins

Our authoring environment utilizes Adobe Flash, so make sure you're using the latest version so you don't experience any issues when creating and updating your content. It also doesn't hurt to check any other plugins your browser may utilize for other programs or sites.

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Common Issues

If you're experiencing an issue other users have had in the past, try resolving it with the steps listed below before reaching out to the IT Service Desk for support. 

When I try to log in I only see a white page and nothing is loading

  • This will occur if you are off of the NYU Network. Refer to these instructions to access the CMS through VPN.

My content does not appear correctly in the CMS

  • Refresh the page within the CMS, and then refresh the browser.
  • Some processes take a while to display properly, so be patient and do not over-click.
  • Is the content in a show/hide display? You may have to click a plus icon to see everything.

My content does not appear on the live website

  • Remember to publish the page. Nothing will appear online until you publish it.

Phantom objects follow my cursor

  • Refresh your browser window.

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