We offer a variety of training on different topics within the CMS to support our users. Some sessions provide a hands-on learning experience while others are more demonstrative.

  • Beginner level sessions are recommended for all new CMS users and provide the basic foundation necessary for working in the CMS.
  • Intermediate level sessions are suggested for CMS users familiar with the basic functionality of the CMS but who want to learn more best practices.
  • Advanced level sessions are suggested for CMS users comfortable with working in the CMS but who want to learn more advanced best practices.

Training Sessions Offered

CMS Beginner

CMS 101: Learning the Basics

An overview of the Adobe Experience Manager Content Management System (CMS). This lesson will cover the basics of navigating the CMS, creating new pages, editing content, and using the Digital Asset Manager (DAM).

Hands-On: Practicing the CMS

A more in-depth look at the CMS that provides participants the opportunity to build sample webpages. This lesson will include the rich text editor, commonly used components, and the DAM.

CMS Intermediate

CMS Content Accessibility

As CMS authors, you’re responsible for your content, and by creating accessible text, images, and multimedia, you can help make NYU.edu more inclusive. This training covers the must-have accessibility measures to implement across your pages. Accessibility training is required for all users.

CMS 201: Know Your Components

Learn more about the different components the CMS has to offer. Each CMS 201 training session introduces users to a different set of components. For suggestions on which components to include in the next CMS 201, please email cms.training@nyu.edu.

CMS Advanced

UX Thinking in the CMS

Co-facilitated by a UX designer, this interactive training will cover the value of UX and user feedback when designing your CMS webpages. CMS users will be introduced to a few UX best practices, observe a usability test, and sketch sample webpages.

Getting the Most Out of the CMS

Designed for participants comfortable working in the CMS that would like to learn more. This lesson will include version control, column control, and annotations.

Online Training

Some previously held training sessions have been recorded and published online for reference. Please note that as of late August 2022, the CMS upgraded to a newer version. Some training content dated prior to then may reference components or features that are no longer available, however the overall authoring experience has remained the same.

Please note:

  • Some sessions may have an option to attend virtually.
  • Some sessions may be recorded and made available online.
  • Session locations and times may change based on the topic and date.
  • Participants in our hands-on training sessions must have a CMS account.
  • Due to space constraints, an RSVP will always be required and can be done through the event calendar listing.

For any questions regarding CMS training sessions, email cms.training@nyu.edu.