System Requirements

The CMS is a web-based application, so you do not need to install any software in order to get started.  

The current version of the CMS is responsive and supported by all major browsers, so you do not have to particular screen specs or use any particular browser.

Network Requirements

You can only access the CMS when you are on the NYU network.

If you need to access the CMS when you are not in an NYU building, you must connect to the NYU VPN. For details on setting up the NYU VPN, refer to instructions on the Connect to NYU-NET from Off Campus page.

Login Information

Your login credentials for the CMS are your NYU NetID and password. 

Your password for the CMS will only change if you update your NetID password (this is the same password used when logging into NYU Home).

Login to the CMS using the following URL:

We suggest that you bookmark this URL in your browser for easy reference. There are links to log in throughout the CMS Training and Support pages as well.

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