Full-time faculty, staff, and enrolled students may be granted access to specific content areas within the NYU website, provided they are affiliated with and receive permission from the unit responsible for editing said content. All CMS account applications are submitted by an authorized content approver and sent to DigiComm for final approval; if an applicant does not meet the eligibility criteria, the application will be rejected.

If you are unsure of your eligibility, please contact the CMS Training Team.

Non-NYU Affiliates

All Non-NYU affiliates (e.g., consultants) must have their CMS accounts sponsored by the full-time faculty or staff member who is the main content approver for that specific content area. The affiliate must first be assigned an NYU NetID as per the instructions on the NetID Assignment page.

Student Employees

Authorized content approvers submitting CMS account applications on behalf of student employees are directly responsible for any content they create or modify while in the CMS. Students are not eligible for CMS approver accounts; their supervisor is expected to review any work prior to publishing on their behalf. The CMS Training Team must be informed as soon as a student's employment with a particular unit has ended.

Arts & Science

Employees that need to edit web content on behalf of Arts & Science should contact FAS Office of Communication for information on how to gain access to the CMS.

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When new users are given access to the CMS, they are placed in a particular Group that gives them access to a specific section of content. For example, if someone from NYU IT were to receive an account, they would be placed in the CMS group which grants them access to the section of pages that falls under the URL:


They would not be able to edit pages that fall under a different URL path, such as Academics or Admissions.


Users in the CMS are granted access as either a CMS Approver or Author, depending on their account application and eligibility.

  • Approver - Can add new pages, activate/ deactivate/ delete pages, and edit content
  • Author - Can edit content

Required Training

All new CMS content authors are required to complete required accessibility training. This training, created in partnership with the NYU Digital Accessibility Program, is available online through NYU Brightspace. New content authors will receive an email invitation to complete this training prior to receiving access. Those not completing training within four weeks will have their account application canceled.

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Account Application

Authorized content approvers may apply on behalf of a new CMS user by visiting the CMS Account Application page.

You must have the following information available to fill out the form:

  • NetID of new applicant
  • Web domain they need access to (e.g., http://nyu.edu)
  • Role
    • CMS Author
    • CMS Approver
  • Site access information (e.g., Financial Aid or nyu.edu/admissions/undergraduate-admissions)

You can also provide the name and NetID of a current user whose access you'd like the new user to match. To choose this option, select "Identify a Person" when selecting a CMS role.

Note: You cannot apply for an account for yourself; coordinate with your unit's content approver to request access. All new content authors must also complete required accessibility training and will receive specific directions as part of their onboarding.

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Removing Access

To remove CMS access that was previously granted to a member of your team, please email the CMS Team with your request.

CMS accounts for former NYU employees are automatically removed on a weekly basis as HR updates employment status in Registry.

Please don't forget to email the CMS Team to remove access for:

  • Employees that transfer to different departments but are no longer responsible for authoring content in your section of CMS pages
  • Students who are no longer employed in your department
  • Any NYU staff or affiliate who's responsibilities no longer include updating content on the NYU website

For any questions about access to the CMS or removing access, please email the CMS Team directly.

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