Why Accessibility?

NYU considers accessibility as a factor in our overall website experience. When we design for inclusivity, we improve the site experience for all of our users. As CMS authors, you’re responsible for creating accessible text, images, and multimedia.  

All CMS content authors must complete CMS Content Accessibility training in order to maintain their access. Complete your training online now.

Component Tutorials

When creating and editing your CMS content, please keep in mind that your multimedia, text, and images all need to meet accessibility guidelines provided by NYU's Digital Accessibility Program. Please review this list of component tutorials that have accessibility considerations that you need to know.

* Tutorials with an asterisk are referenced most often by other component tutorials.

Accessibility Checklist

  • Page Title: Is your page title unique and clear?
  • Page Layout: Is your page content presented in a logical flow and organized using headings?
  • Heading Size: Do headings descend in a logical way, e.g., H2, H3?
  • Link Text: Does your link text describe the destination clearly?
  • Images: Do all images have alt text (including ‘null’ for decorative images)?
  • Infographics: Is there a full text explanation for infographics?
  • Color: Do your graphics convey their message without relying on color?
  • Videos: Do you have captions or transcripts for spoken word and audio descriptions for information provided visually?

Additional Resources

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