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Basic Info

The Service Catalog is a specialized component you can use to display service offerings listed in the ServiceLink catalog and in a clear, consistent, and auto-populated format. Note: the Service Catalog component is unique to NYU IT. For support with adding new instances of this component, please email the CMS Team.


Example of the Service Catalog component


  1. Navigate to and open your page.
  2. Add the Service Catalog component.
  3. A new Service Catalog component without content will appear on the page as a placeholder.
  4. To edit the component, select the Configure icon on the component toolbar.
  5. You'll be presented with the General tab, which includes the follow fields:
    1. Service Name
    2. Service ID #
    3. Display Name
    4. Short Description (Note: at this time, this is not an selectable option)

      Note: The Service Name or Service ID # field is required to use the component. Do not enter both.
  6. For Service Name, provide the full service name as it appears in the ServiceLink catalog.
  7. For the Service ID #, provide the SID that appears as part of the URL for the service you want to highlight on the page.
    1. To generate the SID, locate the desired service within the ServiceLink catalog.
    2. Right-click on the desired service and select copy link location.
    3. Paste the link in a new browser window, tab, or word processing software.
    4. Copy and paste the SID into the appropriate field in the Service Catalog component dialogue box. The SID is the string of alphanumeric characters located between sysparm_item= and &sysparm_parent.
  8. For Display Name, the default option is to not display the service name as the page title already serves this purpose. Only check the box if more than one service will be displayed on a single page.
  9. Select the Done (checkmark) icon to save your changes.

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The Service ID # is located between sysparm_item= and &sysparm_parent

The Service ID # is located between sysparm_item= and &syspar_parent.

The Service Catalog component