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Basic Info

The Factoid Promo is a customizable text and icon-based teaser used to visually draw a site viewer’s attention to a point of information. This promo is intended to be used in smaller spaces in combination with multiple instances of the component; it will never display wider than 450 pixels wide.


Factoid Promo Title

Add up to 140 characters of optional text to customize your promo.

Adding a Link is Optional
Using the Factoid Promo

Factoid Promos work best in smaller spaces. Use Column Control to break up your page and create a more dynamic display.


  1. Navigate to and open your page.
  2. Add the Factoid Promo component.
    1. Tip: The Factoid Promo works best in smaller column width spaces; we suggest using this component in conjunction with Column Control or in the sidebar.
  3. A new Factoid Promo component placeholder icon will display in the space.
  4. To edit the component, click or touch the placeholder. The component toolbar will display along the top of the space.
  5. Select the wrench icon to configure.
  6. An edit window will appear so you can customize the promo's overall appearance adding optional text, adding an optional link, selecting an option icon to display, and inserting the required title.
    1. Required fields:
      1. Title
    2. Optional fields:
      1. Icon
      2. Text
      3. Show more button
      4. Button Title
      5. Insert Link
      6. Open link in new window
  7. In the Icon field, select the dropdown arrow to choose from a variety of optional icons to display above the required text. Icons are displayed alphabetically and hovering your cursor over each icon will display that icon's title.
  8. Add a required Title in the appropriate field. There is a character limit of 100.
  9. In the Text field provide any additional optional text you would like to include. This field is optional and has a character limit of 140.
  10. Check the box for Show more button if you want to include an optional link. Note: Your button link won't appear within the promo unless this box is checked. Checking this box and not completing the Button Title and Insert Link fields will cause an error message to appear.
  11. In the Button Title field provide direct and actionable text that will be displayed within the button. This field is optional and has a character limit of 300.
  12. In the Insert Link field you can browse to select a CMS page or file in the DAM, insert an external URL, add "mailto:" before an email address, or add an anchor link. This field is required if you've checked the box to include a button.
  13. Click or touch the checkmark icon to save and close.

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Accessibility Info


  • The optional icon graphic should be considered decorative, so make sure it's something that can complement your text content rather than replace it.

Linked Text

  • When providing online content in the Factoid Promo, remember to provide descriptive link text in the Button Title field.

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Component Tutorial: Factoid Promo edit window

Icon selector in edit window