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Basic Info

With the Event Calendar Promo you can highlight events from your NYU Events Calendar within your webpage. If your group does not yet have access to the NYU Events Calendar, please see our tutorial section on Requesting Accounts for New Calendar Group Members. Or, write to the Digital Communications Events Team at: events@nyu.edu.



  1. Navigate to and open your page.
  2. Add the Event Calendar Promo component.
  3. A new Event Calendar Promo component placeholder icon will display in the space.
  4. To edit the component, click or touch the placeholder. The component toolbar will display along the top of the space.
  5. Select the wrench icon to configure.
  6. An edit window will appear so you can add an optional component title and customize the query type used.
  7. In the Component Title field add an optional title to appear above your event. This field is optional and has a character limit of 50.
  8. There are three options for Query Type:
    1. Specific Event
    2. Upcoming Event
    3. Advanced
  9. Add a Specific Event:
    1. Enter the Event ID number (ex: 22665).
  10. Add an Upcoming Event by configuring at least one of the following fields:
    1. Add the events calendar group name as it would appear in the NYU Events Calendar (ex: Skirball-Center). Your group name may be located in the event URL or in the Events Calendar Admin page next to your username in the upper right-hand corner.
    2. Add one or more comma-separated calendar tags (ex: film).
    3. Select a calendar category (ex: arts).
  11. Add an event using Advanced options:
    1. Add the feed URL. You can use RSS, iCal or JSON formats (ex: http://www.nyu.edu/feeds/events/json/group/GROUP-NAME). Get more information for advanced users on constructing feeds. The component will display the next upcoming event that matches your formula. If no upcoming events match, a "sorry" message will be shown.
  12. Click or touch the checkmark icon to save and close.

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Accessibility Info


  • Avoid images with text when selecting your promo image for your event. Use stock photography or iconography instead.
  • Images for the Event Calendar Promo should be considered decorative, so make sure it's something that can complement your event title rather than replace it.

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Compontent Tutorial: Event Calendar Promo edit window

Compontent Tutorial: Event Calendar Promo edit window for a specific event

Compontent Tutorial: Event Calendar Promo edit window for an upcoming event

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