The upgraded version of the CMS is a touch-enabled user interface (UI) that is optimized for touch-screen device editing while continuing to be desktop compatible.  We encourage editing your pages on a desktop, however this fundamental change means that some concepts and practices have evolved to adapt to mobile editing and navigation.

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New Terms  |  Toolbar Icons  |  Navigating Content and Assets  |  Page and Content Actions

New Terms

Old Term New Term
Activate Publish
Deactivate Unpublish
New (Page) Create (Page)

Toolbar Icons

Icons now replace text as the primary visual for menu actions. You can still access the text name by hovering a mouse over the icon. Screen readers will still read the name of the action.   

wrench icon for configure

Wrench icon for Configure (edit)

Garbage pail icon for Delete

Garbage pail icon for Delete

Two squares for Copy

Two Square icon for Copy

Plus icon for Insert component above

Plus symbol for Insert component above

Scissor icon for Cut

Scissor icon for Cut

Clipboard icon for Paste

Clipboard icon for Paste

Navigating Content and Assets

  • The content structure will remain the same, but will be displayed differently in the new design.
  • To view pages under a particular page, click or touch the name of the page.
    • Double-clicking to open a page or asset is no longer necessary or recognized as an action.
  • To select a particular page, click or touch its accompanying icon.
  • To open a page, select it and then click or touch Edit in the Action bar above.


view of sites navigation on a laptop

Default display of site navigation.

display of DAM navigation

Default display of DAM assets.

Navigation Views

  • You'll be able to choose from three navigation views so that you can work with your content in a way that is most comfortable for you: Column, Card, or List.
  • The default view for the site navigation is the Column view. As you navigate through your content, each new level of pages page will display horizontally across the screen in columns.
  • The default view for DAM assets is Card view.
default column view

Column View (Default)

card view

Card View

List view

List View

switch view icon in context

The Switch View icon is at the top right of the admin view.

To switch from the default view, select an alternate view from the View icon at the top right of the screen.

Page and Content Actions

  • A dynamic Action Bar has been added horizontally along the top of the main area of every screen.
    • These options are context-dependent and change as you navigate through the content, depending on what you are able to do at differerent places.
  • Within a page, the floating toolkit ("Sidekick") has been retired. Its functions have been distributed across the authoring environments in new menus.  
Actions Bar

The Actions Bar (Dynamic. 1 or more pages selected)

Actions bar in context of screen

The Action bar is context-dependent. It appears horizontally across the top of the sceen.

top action bar in a content page

Most action options formerly available via the Sidekick are now displayed across the top of the page.

Side Panel

When you open a page, click or touch the icon at the top left of the screen to open the side panel.

The side panel contains icons that will let you access the DAM and available components.

Side Panel Icon

The Side Panel Icon.

The side panel toggled to open.

The Open Side Panel

Page Information

Within a page, click or touch the second icon at the top left of the screen to access the page information dropdown panel. This panel lets you view many of the options formerly available in the "Page Properties" tab of the Sidekick.

Page Info Icon

The Page Information Icon.

Page Info Dropdown expanded

The Page Information dropdown expanded.