An Updated CMS Authoring Experience

cartoon hands and laptop

The upgrade to Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) 6.5 mainly impacts the look and feel of the authoring experience. Current funcationality (components, templates, your content and published pages have not changed.)

In addition to a modern, streamlined look, some of the ways that you access and interact with your content have been updated:

  • You access the CMS through a new URL:
  • The upgraded CMS uses a touch-enabled user interface (UI), which allows for authoring on touch screen devices and with any web browser (not just Firefox).
  • Icons representing actions have largely replaced text on toolbars. Hover over them for text.
  • Right-clicks and double-clicks are no longer recognized actions.
  • The experience of navigating through your content will look different but you will be able to choose how you see information.
  • Links are disabled in edit mode preventing accidental clicks and can still be fully tested in preview mode.
  • The in-page floating toolkit (the "Sidekick") has been retired. Tools have been redistributed across different menus.
  • Some terminology has changed.


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