The Digital Communications Group (DigiComm) provides services to help faculty, administrators, and staff communicate easily and inexpensively. Available web communication technologies include bulk email services, mobile applications, and the content management system (CMS). Fill out the Project Request Form to inquire about custom digital solutions, or for assistance with any of the services listed below.

Project Services

Content Management System

Using the CMS

CMS Training & Support is your source for information about our content management system (CMS). Find tutorials, troubleshooting tips and instructions on how to access and use the CMS.


CMS training is available multiple times per semester. Individual CMS orientation sessions can be scheduled, schedule permitting, or will be built into project plans when new organizations are on-boarded into the CMS.

New Page Design/Content Refresh

DigiComm provides resources to help design new pages or modify existing content.

Site Architecture/Navigation Change

If you are planning to restructure your content and pages, our team can help organize your page hierarchy.

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Our team provides assistance with the creation and maintenance of forms used within through NYU's official web form platform, Qualtrics.

Learn more about web forms or submit a request.

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Bulk Email

Email Direct is the University's official service for authorized staff to send bulk email to specific segments of the University community.

If you need a help building a custom email template for use outside of Email Direct, fill out the Project Request Form.

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NYU Events Calendar

The NYU Events Calendar serves as NYU's central source for event information.

If your unit would like to add your events to the public Events Calendar, please write to and supply the following information:

  • Name of Unit
  • Your NetID
  • NetIDs of any other individuals who will need access to add events

For support adding an event, please see our Events Calendar tutorials.

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Page Maintenance and Support

Submit a Project Request Form for help with the following:

Broken Links

We can resolve broken links or remove dead pages.

Redirects and Vanity URLs

Our team can assist with the creation of vanity URLs for campaigns or promotions. Please read and consider these vanity best practices prior to submitting a request. (Note: do not publish or advertise any URLs until your request has been fulfilled.)  

Site Check

Our team can review a page or section of pages to:

  • Discover all broken links, spelling errors and accessibility issues.
  • Keep track of documents and media files on your website.
  • Assign responsibility for different areas of your website to different persons.
  • Send automatic error reports to the responsible editor.

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Analytics & Search Optimization


Google Analytics is a self-service tool that provides analytical data on content pages within and its subdomains. Learn more about using Google Analytics.

NYU Search & Search Engine Optimization

The NYU Search Engine utilizes proprietary technology developed by Google. While we cannot control the results populated, we can advise you on how to have better content to improve your rankings or even possibly have a suggested link at the top of the results.

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User Experience (UX)

DigiComm can assist with user experience research, design, and recommendations for your website or other digital projects, including:

  • Usability testing
  • A/B testing and other analytics support
  • Card sorting
  • Competitive analysis
  • Heuristic evaluations
  • User flows
  • User research (focus groups, surveys, diary studies, field research, and interviews)
  • UX strategy roadmaps
  • Wire framing and prototyping
Fill out a Project Request Form to submit UX-related requests.

NYU Mobile

NYU Mobile is the official mobile app designed to enhance the experience of New York University students, faculty, and employees. Learn more about NYU Mobile.

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