NYU Information Technology (NYU IT) is the University’s central organization for providing technology-based services and support for NYU students, faculty, staff, and administrators throughout the world. NYU IT ensures that services are available to all global locations, and collaborates with service providers with at NYU’s various schools and departments.

To learn about the numerous NYU IT-supported resources available to NYU employees, visit the NYU IT website and the section devoted to University staff. Visit NYU ServiceLink to explore a knowledge base of thousands of FAQs and instructions. You can also contact the IT Service Desk, available 24x7 to answer all your IT and computer support issues.

For information about technical support offerings available within your school or department, search the ServiceLink knowledge base or consult with your local administrative staff.

NYU IT Website

Information about the full range of NYU IT-supported services, including support and access information.

The Download: What's Up in Tech and Innovation

NYU IT's online publication and email newsletter that report on technology-related news and the many novel and engaging ways faculty, staff, and students use computing and networking across the University.

NYU IT Social Media

IT Service Desk

The IT Service Desk is available to provide individualized IT support by phone and email 24x7, and in person during business hours. See our Service Desk page for details about each of NYU’s locations.

NYU ServiceLink Knowledge Base

Find self-service answers to your IT questions on the web by browsing the extensive ServiceLink knowledge base.

NYU IT Service Status

Up to the minute information about the status of IT-supported services, as well as upcoming maintenance.