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The Global Tax Compliance Department does not offer personal tax advice or services to students or employees. Anyone seeking personal tax advice should seek consultation outside NYU.

Resources for Schools and Units

Sales Tax

The following sales of tangible personal property and services, food and drink, admission charges, and hotel occupancy made by the University are subject to sales tax:

  • Retail sales of tangible personal property made by any shop or store operated by the University;
  • Sales of food or drink in or by a restaurant, tavern, or other establishment operated by the University;
  • Sales of the service of providing parking, garaging or storing for motor vehicles (other than a garage which is part of the premises occupied solely as a private one or two-family dwelling);
  • Certain admission charges;
  • Sales of hotel occupancy where the University offers 100 or more rooms for occupancy and where the person renting the room(s) is not doing business on behalf of the University;
  • Leases or rentals of tangible personal property;
  • Sales of services to real property;
  • Sales of tangible personal property made by remote means, such as by telephone, mail order (including email), over the Internet, provided the exempt organization makes such sales with a degree of regularity, frequency, and continuity; and
  • Certain sales made at traditional and remote auctions.

If you believe your school or unit is engaging in some of the above activities and not collecting and remitting sales tax, please contact Caity Pujdak at 212 998-2961 or via e-mail at  

School / Unit Tax Resources

IRS Form 990

To request a copy of New York University's most recently filed IRS Form 990, please send an e-mail to the following address:

Please be sure to provide your name and contact information.

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