Wage Withholding Information

The information below is provided to employees for informational purposes only. Anyone seeking personal tax advise should seek consultation outside NYU.

2023 Tax Rates and Wage Base Limits

2023 Social Security and Medicare Information

  Wage Base Rate Maximum Tax Additional Tax
Social Security $160,200 6.20% $9,932.40 N/A
Medicare None 1.45% None 0.90% over $200k

2023 Supplemental Tax Rates 

Federal 22.00%
Federal (in excess of $1m) 37%
New York State 11.70%
New York City 4.25%
Yonkers Residents 1.95975%

State Wage Withholding and Tax Rates

For 2023 payroll tax by state, please visit this website.

Wage Withholding Forms

You can find your Federal Form W-4 and state and local tax withholding forms on PeopleSync.

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