News During the Calendar Year

2019 Position Management Updates

On September 1st, 2019, Position Management updates went live. The enhancements include new reports, dashboards, and improvements to the system and processes.

You can view the roadshow deck (PDF, NYU login required) to learn more about these updates. If you missed the roadshow, you can also watch a video demo recorded at the session.

Enhancements to the Chartfield Access Authorization Form

There are two enhancements to the new Chartfield Access Authorization Form that required some system downtime later last month. The enhancements were:

  1. Migrating the application supporting the Chartfield Access Authorization Form to an updated and highly secure server. This will not change the appearance or functionality of the form. 
  2. The approval workflow for the Chartfield Access Authorization Form is changing to  ServiceLink and will now work in the same way as approvals for BudMod and AP Workflow. 
We prepared a new Chartfield Access in ServiceLink Tip Sheet (PDF) to help you with the new workflow.

Update: Issues with Multi-Year Purchase Orders

These issues were resolved in fame and a solution has been implemented to ensure all transactions, including vouchers and encumbrances, show correctly on the UDW+ reports.

This would show in four ways:

  1. Voucher –Encumbrance has been corrected but the actuals were posted to the incorrect Budget year.
  2. Voucher –Encumbrance and Actuals were posted to the incorrect Budget year. ( Paid / Unpaid)
  3. Voucher –has been paid and the payment is posted to the incorrect budget year.
  4. Voucher—has not been paid but will need to be adjusted to correct budget year.

Please contact FinanceLink if you have any questions or issues.

Chartfield Maintenance Application Now Available

The following communication was sent to the Fiscal Officers on April 29, 2019.

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the new Chartfield Maintenance (CFM) application is now available. You may begin using this tool to request new chartfield segments.

What’s Changed:

As a reminder, submitting requests via email and ModTrak is no longer accepted. Please use the CFM forms to create, modify and inactivate the following chartfield segments:

  • Account
  • Organization unit
  • Program for Undesignated Operating Funds (Funds 10, 12, 14, 16, including all Global, NYUAD and  NYUSH Funds)
  • Program and Project for Fund 20 (Management Designated)
  • Program and Project for Fund 22 (Restricted Gift)
  • Program for Endowment Funds (Funds 41, 42, 43, 45 and  46)
  • Program for Fund 40 (Investment)
  • Program for Fund 44 (Annuities and Life Insurance)
  • Program for Fund 60 (Service Centers)

How to Access CFM:


Upcoming Enhancements:

The following will become available in the coming months:   

  • Processing mass requests
  • Reporting on all submitted requests

We appreciate your support of this process improvement initiative.

April 29, 2019

NYU Finance Academy Application is Now Live!

The following communication was sent to the Finance Council on February 4, 2019.

Good Afternoon Finance Council,

We hope this message finds you well, and we are delighted to announce that the application for the NYU Finance Academy is now live. Special thanks to the working groups for their efforts on this program.

The target audience for this program is administrators in finance-related roles where 50% or more of their job responsibilities are related to finance or budget specific tasks. Please feel free to share broadly (or specifically, if you have someone in mind).

We will be accepting self-nominations until February 28th. Interested individuals can apply at

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Best regards,
Eric Loffsfold, project lead
Mike McCaw, project manager

February 4, 2019

2018 Form W-2's are now available in PeopleSync

2018 Form W-2’s are now available in PeopleSync. To access your 2018 Form W-2 online, please follow the instructions Accessing Electronic Form W-2 Quick Step Guide.

Additionally, a private kiosk is available at 105 East 17th Street, 3rd floor, for employees to view and print their 2018 Form W-2. There will be step-by-step instructions at the kiosk for those that need assistance.

Employees who have elected to receive a paper 2018 Form W-2 should receive it via the US Postal Service the week of January 28th. To consent to only receive an electronic copy of future Form W-2’s, please follow the instructions Opt Out of Paper Form W-2.

If you have questions, please contact PeopleLink at or 212-992-LINK (5465).

January 23, 2019