Sample Certificates

Search for a sample certificats of insurance based on the category or by a specific code number. Please note that the limits shown in the sample are NYU's minimum requirements only. Your actual limits depend on what is specified in your Contract / Lease Agreement / Purchase Order with NYU.


Certificate Name
Ambulette Service (PDF)   1042 Services hired to transport people with medical supervision. (This is unlike Ambulance service which is usually provided by the city for emergency) - e.g. if you had a worker with medical condition, providing transportation to come to work. Could be for students, faculties and staff.
Architect (Building Structural Design) (PDF) 1037 After the building structural integrity audits, this is the individual or company that is actually responsible for addressing the audit findings by building out.  It applies to both new construction and existing buildings - e.g. repurposed use of specific space in the existing building.
Architect (Interior Design) (PDF)   1035 Drawings for buildout of an interior space. Its relates to the conceptual design of the proposed buildout.

Architect (Structural Integrity Audits) - Engineers (PDF)  



Architect (structural integrity audits) - Individual/Company involved in the study of the building, determining load bearing walls, reviewing architecture drawings, etc. Also includes recommendation to address audit findings - e.g. building needs to be strengthened, where and why?

Engineer (licensed- all types). These are licensed Professional Engineers (PE). e.g. electrical engineer, HVAC (heating, ventilation & air conditioner) engineer, etc. HVAC PE would look at the equipments, installation, etc. They would confirm if the equipment would work as perceived in the design. It includes maintenance and new work.

Asbestos Detection & Removal Services (PDF) 1040 Specific contract regarding asbestos related work.
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Construction Project Management (PDF)   1180 Company or an individual hired as an overseer to manage a construction project on behalf of NYU - applies to new and existing buildings.
Construction, General Contractor (PDF)
1029 The firm contracted to perform construction work. This is the primary firm that handles construction and can hire subcontractors for relevant work (e.g. office buildouts, closet, floor, maintenance of building premises, sidewalks, local law11 work (facade of the building), etc.)

Construction, Level 1 General Contractor (PDF)  


1181 This was created based on old contract boiler plate limits.  Must keep because vendors are tagged to it.
Construction, Level 2 Various (PDF)   1182

Plumbing - Installation, maintenance and engineering of plumbing. This would not include plumbing supply companies.

HVAC - Heating & Air Conditioning - design, maintenance and installation -e.g. it could be anything from fixing a duct to installation a 20 ton compressor on the roof.

Electrical - Low wattage or high wattage:

  • Low wattage - mini bulb/halogen
  • High wattage - working with wires carrying 120V

Includes installation and maintenance.

Fire Suppression (Electrical) - e.g. smoke detectors, fire alarms, etc. Its related to electrical components for the fire monitoring system. It also includes electrical fire command center.

Fire Suppression (Sprinklers) - Maintenance, testing and installation of sprinklers. It also includes plumbing and hooking the water supply to the sprinklers.

Interior Contractors - Individual/company using subcontractors doing build out of interior space. These will be hired by NYU construction project manager.

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Debris Removal (hauling companies) (PDF)   1080 The removal of non-hazardous waste.
Elevator/Escalator Work (PDF)   1085 Individuals or companies doing maintenance and repair for elevators and escalators. It also includes new installation. 
Environmental Remediation (PDF)   1039
Individuals/companies that do environmental testing.  Including asbestos, lead & air quality.
Environmental Consultant (PDF) 
1038 There may be some processes through which we recover silver - e.g. silver being used in medical procedures (Greymart)
Expeditor (PDF)   1043 Individuals/Companies that help to process city permits related to electrical construction, renovation, remodeling, etc. To expedite securing such permits and approval, city allows organization to use expeditors rather than using city inspectors to file permits. These individuals/companies are familiar with city rules related to electrical construction, etc. The work in the building can begin as soon as the certification is received from the expeditor.
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Food Service - With Liquor (PDF)   1107 Renting space for an event, off campus, where liquor will be served. 

Restaurant, events serving liquor on premises. e.g. food service with liquor warrants a liquor license, there is a licensed bar tender to dispense the liquor so that consumption is monitored.
Food Service - With No Liquor (PDF)   1108 Restaurant, events with no liquor served on premises. 

Renting space for an event, off campus, where no liquor is served.
Food/Facility Services (PDF) 1109 Catering services contracted by NYU.
Ground Transportation Hired by NYU (PDF)   1111 Individuals or companies providing ground transportation to NYU staff, students and faculties - e.g. minivan to a 55 passenger bus. It excludes taxi services.
Hazardous Material Abatement (PDF)   1027 Removal and handling of lead, asbestos from the buildings.

Hazardous Material Hauling (PDF)

1021 Transportation of hazardous and medical waste.
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Landscaping (use of hazardous chemicals) (PDF)   1065 This is actual work related to landscaping - using hazardous chemicals. However, the individual or company has to ensure protecting the plants working with an exterminator.
Moving Vendors (PDF)   2000
For example if office is being rebuilt and moved to a new space or faculty members in university housing being moved for construction, etc. Other example is moving medical equipment, pianos, computers, etc. This is for the moves that university is paying for.

No Insurance Required (PDF)  


2014 Purchase of animals used in research. Companies that finance the leasing of equipment to NYU.
Painters/Floor scraping (PDF)   1070 This addresses the risk of back injury falling off from a ladder used by painters for painting. The floor scrappers usually use big/heavy scrappers which are hard to maneuver and could also result in an injury.
Pest Control (PDF)   1041 Exterminators  using hazardous or environmentally friendly materials, dogs, etc. for pest control.
Petro Tank Cleaners (PDF)   1028 Cleaning and servicing of fuel oil tanks, diesel fuel#2 (car oil), diesel fuel#6 (viscous, thicker diesel fuel)
PO Consultant: includes Standard Consultant (PDF) Agreement 1030E NYU boilerplate agreement with standard insurance limits as established through purchasing.
Printing Services (PDF)   1300 Companies providing printing services. Preferred supplier and companies doing projects less than the amounts required to use preferred suppliers.
Rooftop Tanks (PDF)   2001 This is for rooftop water tanks which are made of wood. They have to be cleaned to ensure its microbes free, its serviced, etc. It also includes liability from working on the roof.
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Scaffolding Companies (PDF)   1060 For facade work, city mandates putting scaffolding. It includes set up, breakdown and maintenance.
Scientific Equipment (PDF)   1400 Purchase of scientific equipment from resellers or specialty equipment manufacturers.
Security Guard Services (PDF)   1050 Uniformed guard services reporting to campus safety officers. This will be a tier below campus safety services.  (Some buildings have guards & campus safety services while others may have only campus safety services)
Software development (customized commercial package) (PDF) 1026 Indemnify NYU for patent infringement.  It would cover insurance for Security vulnerability, delivery of a working program, etc.
Software Licensing ("off the shelf") (PDF)   1025 Boxed software
Standard PO (PDF)   1030

Non-classified suppliers including: computer hardware/software services, copy/fax machines, etc.

Landscaping (no use of hazardous chemicals)  This is actual work related to landscaping. This is environmental friendly landscaping - e.g. they would put in plants that would repel specific animals and insects.

Telecom Administration. Company that is handling telecommunication needs.

Training. Individuals or companies providing training to staff, students and faculties. It includes both onsite and offsite training.

Standard PO - Reduced Limits (PDF)   1030R

Individuals or companies delivering goods but not installing them - e.g. plumbing supplier, electrical supplier, etc.  

Individuals or companies providing photographer and video services. 

Individuals or companies providing editing services for raw video and audio files supplied by NYU.

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Taxi Services (PDF)   1112 Individuals or companies providing taxi services and ground transportation approved under the RFP.
Tenant User Liability Insurance Program (PDF)
3000 For outside organizations renting or using NYU space/facilities. As a courtesy, NYU usually provides access to its brokers for organizations to purchase additional insurance if required. These organizations are not tenants that we lease out the space for a fixed term.
Travel Services & Travel agents (PDF)   1023 Consultants or companies dealing with arranging travel for academic or alumni network.
Various w/$1mm PL (PDF)   2100

Consultants/companies editing and managing content on university webpage - at department level, program level, etc.

Consultants/companies - editing and managing content on university webpage - at department level, program level, etc.

Consultants/companies designing and creating the webpage but not necessarily implement the changes. The implementation is done by web administrator.  

Department chairs hire people to proofread data, articles, reports, webpage, etc. Its pretty much generic review and usually are consultants.  

Individuals or companies designing graphics for webpages or brochures.  

Individual or companies that produces videos, audio, presentations, webcasts, films, etc. by hiring required photographers, videographers, etc.  

Individual or companies responsible for organizing events. They are like the general contractor and they would hire whosoever is required (bands, food, etc.). These are for events on or off campus.

Landscaping Designer who is designing flora for exterior spaces.

Telecom Design - e.g. proposed design for solutions to enable NYU VOIP system to talk to NYU Germany

Waste Management & Environmental Services (PDF)
3001 Trash removal contract.
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