Travel to China: The US government has issued an advisory against travel to China. In addition, some airlines have announced that they are suspending service to China, while others have reduced the number of flights they are operating. The presumption is that any school, unit, or individual which had been planning academic or other travel to China has cancelled those plans, and the cancellation will remain in place until the guidance changes. For any needed advice or direction, please be in touch with our travel safety group at to discuss any proposed trips.

Travel to high-risk countries must be pre-approved by Insurance & Enterprise Risk Management and NYU Campus Safety in order to insure a safe trip.

Temporary Health Insurance

Travel Health Insurance for Students Only

Students walk past sculptures on a tour in a plaza in Buenos Aires

Eligible for students traveling on behalf of NYU course studies, research, et cetera (excludes personal travel).

  • GeoBlue medical coverage for international travel only. Contact the Student Health Center for enrollment and additional information  

Short Term Global Health Insurance

For Employees Only

Female faculty member talks with two students outside in Ghana Employees Abroad

Eligible for NYU employees traveling on NYU business purposes (excludes personal travel).

  • Visit GeoBlue to register and download a membership card. This will allow you to validate your coverage globally.

Business Travel Insurance Benefits

Business Travel Accident for persons traveling on behalf of NYU for business, research, course studies, et cetera (excludes personal travel).

Travel Assistance provided by AIG Benefits Travel Assist:

  • Medical, Political & Natural Disaster Evacuation coverage
  • 877-244-6871 (inside US), 715-346-0859 (collect / reverse charges outside US) or
    • Some assistance services may generate a fee
      that will be the responsibility of the traveler.


  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D)
  • Accident Medical Expenses
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation
  • Emergency Medical Benefit
  • Political & Natural Disaster Evacuation
  • Repatriation


  • University Employees and Students traveling on behalf of NYU Business, Course Studies, Research, et cetera
  • Excludes personal travel
  • No enrollment necessary

Who's Covered

  • University Employees (including those on sabbatical)
  • Enrolled Students
  • Non-Employee Trustees of NYU