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Learn how to use NYU’s Travel and Expense solution, powered by SAP Concur! You can find training content specific to actions in your role as a traveler, expense reimbursement user, reviewer or approver, or payment cardholder. If you are a delegate who supports another user, check out the section for Travel and Expense Delegates below.

You can access the system by searching for the Travel and Expense card in NYUHome.

Getting Started

Please note: some videos and tip sheets are created, maintained, and updated by SAP Concur. They may not show details specific to NYU's configuration, but they will provide you with general instructions on how to complete the action.

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Travel and Expense by Role

Are you processing for yourself or someone else?

If you are processing for yourself, you should follow the steps outlined in our toolkits. If you are processing for someone else, you would be a delegate. Please make sure you are "acting as a delegate" and then follow the same steps as outlined.

Travel and Expense Delegates are assigned by the user to be able to create pre-trip travel or payment card requests, book travel, prepare* expense reports, and perform payment card reconciliation on behalf of the user.  

*In Travel and Expense, a delegate can only prepare the expense report for the user. The user is required to log in to review the prepared expense report and submit it for approval.

In addition to the tip sheets linked above, we also have an Adding a Delegate Video and an Acting as a Delegate Video.

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