NYU community members traveling and processing expense reports.

What is iTravel and Expense?

The iTravel and Expense solution brings best-in-class tools to employees who request and book travel, submit/review/approve expenses, and use payment cards. Through a single solution, faculty and staff can access a seamless and paperless process.  Mobile capability provides on-the-go access and puts expense receipt management at your fingertips through a photo upload.


What is changing?

Process/Application Current State Future State
Travel booking tool Egencia iTravel and Expense (SAP Concur)
Expense reimbursement system AP Workflow iTravel and Expense (SAP Concur)
Card reconciliation tool BofA GRAM iTravel and Expense (SAP Concur)
Travel Management Company Egencia Collegiate Travel Planners (CTP)
Travel and Expense card BofA CTA & P-Card, AMEX, Personal Cards BofA (preferred), Personal Cards

How can I learn more?

Visit our Training and Resources for more information.

Why are we changing?

Existing NYU travel and expense processes are segmented across policy, travel programs, payment cards, and supporting technology. The new iTravel and Expense solution will unify these processes into a single integrated platform that combines travel, expense, card program, and traveler safety. iTravel and Expense provides an improved user experience that can be accessed via a website or mobile app. It will enable NYU’s policies to be applied through the technology, automate key financial controls and fraud prevention, and improve visibility into expense tracking and reporting.

Who is impacted?

All Schools and Units, NYU travelers, NYU payment card holders and approvers, employees, and individuals that submit, authorize, or audit business or travel expenses will be impacted by the iTravel and Expense solution.  

NYU Affiliates including non-employees, guest speakers, alumni, and other guests will be able to use the travel feature.

What’s in it for me?

  • Book and change reservations on the go, share itineraries and get travel updates
  • Track receipts easily​ with mobile receipt capture
  • Prepopulated payment card transactions reduce manual data entry time and effort
  • Status updates are provided throughout the reimbursement process
  • University billed/paid cards eliminate need for payment remittance to bank by cardholders
  • Built-in T&E policies make it easy to stay compliant

When is this happening?

The pilot is planned for Summer 2023 and the subsequent campus deployment in Fall 2023.

For now, please continue to use your current tools for booking travel, requesting reimbursements, and reconciling your payment cards until your school or unit adopts the new Travel and Expense solution.

Who do I contact with questions?

Please contact your school/unit representative on the Steering Committee and/or Process Design Team, who were nominated to participate and guide the project.

For questions, please contact iTravel-and-expense@nyu.edu.

Additional Information

You can register for an upcoming Travel and Expense Roadshow or review the slide deck below for more details.


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